Have you seen any of these very cool videos?

You probably have, since this one has already been watched 1,644,717 times. But in case you haven’t, do watch.

And then watch some of the other “RSA Animate” vids.

Wonderful, thought-provoking content presented in a highly engaging, multimedia format. Can’t beat that.

Check it out.

4 thoughts on “Have you seen any of these very cool videos?

  1. Karen McLeod

    These videos employ exactly the same teaching method decried at the end of the video. The “student” simply watches/listens and has no control over the activity.

  2. bud

    This is waaaay too much like those expensive planning seminars I used to attend at work, like the 7 habits of effective people (or something like that). They make you think for a day or 2 but then you revert back to the same old habits.

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