Keynes & Hayek throw down, bust some rhymes

Just got around to viewing this hilarious video, which my son sent me several days ago.

Nothing like economist humor.

By the way, I suspect that the makers of this video are Hayek fans. Nothing against Keynes (I suspect their theories both have their places, depending upon circumstances), but at least in the hip-hop format, Hayek seems to make more sense..

There. So much for y’all who think I’m such a big-spender type…

6 thoughts on “Keynes & Hayek throw down, bust some rhymes

  1. Brad

    No comments? Did any of y’all even watch it? It’s good. If you don’t want to watch the slow beginning, start at 1:50.

    Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I have a weakness for upper-crust white guys doing hip-hop. But I loved it.

  2. Pat

    This looks like something Bud would have a comment on – especially the role of war on an economy.
    Funny video but I’m surprised at the way it ended. Why do you think it ended that way, Brad?

  3. Kathryn Fenner (D- SC)

    Brad–it’s ten minutes long, not counting downloading. I have important snarking to do.


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