Starbucks? That’s where I need to be…

Mary Pat Baldauf just Tweeted this:

You could literally hang meat in @Starbucks in the Vista! Freezing!

Well, the over-effectiveness of the A/C is neither here nor there, far as I’m concerned. I just want to be at Starbucks! Now!

Rather, I NEED to be at Starbucks.

Just a moment ago, I found something on my desk. An off-white, plastic, roughly cylindrical object, standing on its end, slightly smaller at the top end than the bottom. About the right size to fit easily into the cardboard tube in the middle of a roll of toilet paper.

No idea what it was, or how it got there. Did someone leave this thing here thinking it belonged to me. The color was right for a Mac accessory. They’ve been trying to get me to use the Apple laptop I was issued. Is this something that goes with that?

I was as bewildered as those apes contemplating the Monolith at the start of “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

But instead of heaving a thighbone at it, I reached out, with a certain trepidation, and picked it up to see if there was some sort of label or clue on the bottom…

… and salt poured copiously out of the top of it.

Yes. It was the shaker I had nicked from the ADCO kitchen for the late lunch I ate at my desk Friday.

I really think I am going to make a rare mid-morning visit to Starbucks, and I don’t care how cold it is. Perhaps I can kill something with a thighbone and use it for warmth…

8 thoughts on “Starbucks? That’s where I need to be…

  1. bud

    Actually Stephen “I found a salt shaker in my desk” is pretty much the unabridged, full version.

  2. `Kathryn Fenner

    Run the video of Phillip playing Brahms next time you are stumped for a post.

  3. Brad

    I was not “stumped for a post.” I have never been stumped for a post. God willing, I never will be stumped for a post.

    But I have two kinds of posts: The ones I have time to write, and the ones I don’t. The very best posts generally fit into the latter category.

    That said, at the time I wrote it, this was the very best post I had actually found the time to WRITE in four days. So there. And why did I write this, and not a lot of better, deeper stuff? Because this took me 3.2 seconds to write. Well, maybe a little more than that. But not much…

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