Building the Innovista, one brick at a time

Or maybe it’s one photon at a time. This just in from CRBR:

SCRA announced its newest tenant at the SCRA USC Innovation Center in Columbia, Nitek Inc.

SCRA described the company as a world leader and pioneer in deep ultraviolet-LED lamp technology. Nitek was launched in early 2007 with the goal of commercializing innovative micro-devices using III-Nitride technology, according to the company website.

Nitek is a spin-off of the University of South Carolina’s Photonics and Microelectronics Laboratory, which was started by USC professor Asif Khan in 1997.

The lab was formed as a small-scale, vertically integrated manufacturing facility for ultraviolet emitters, high-power electronics and visible LEDs and lasers…

The company will initially employ about 14 high-tech, high-wage employees. That number is expected to double in the next three years, SCRA said…

So… they’re selling light, from what I gather. Or something. Here’s wishing them huge success.

8 thoughts on “Building the Innovista, one brick at a time

  1. Doug Ross

    “Building the Innovista, one brick at a time”

    Yeah, imagine if they employed that strategy FIRST… might have $100 million dollars to invest in jobs instead if bricks.

  2. Kevin

    Wow, at this rate maybe the grandchildren of the USC Class of 2015 will get to realize the full potential of Innovista.

    Truly a massive boondoggle that shows how inept both USC and the City of Columbia are at advancing things like research and economic development. Not like they are supposed to be good at those kinds of things anyway…

  3. Brad

    Yeah, and if Lincoln had just gone ahead and replaced McLellan with Grant at the start, the Civil War could have ended years sooner, with less death and destruction.

    But he won the war anyway. And that was worthwhile, however unpopular it may be among some of my neighbors.

  4. Brad

    OK, wait — maybe it would NOT have been appreciably less death and destruction. Grant was a pummel-them-into-submission kind of guy, and McLellan was a do-nothing type.

    But at least it would have ended sooner.

    And my point about how worthwhile endeavors often start disastrously because of bad decisions still stands.

  5. Mark Stewart

    It was never the idea of Innovista that was wrong, it was the execution.

    Going back to crawl, walk, run is not rocket science; it was the only choice that USC had. That or total capitulation. I’m glad that the school has stuck with the idea. It will bear fruit – though maybe not huge home runs.

  6. Brad

    Exactly, and you know, I’ve never been much of a home runs guy.

    I remember back when I was an editor in The State’s newsroom — early 90s, I guess. One of my reporters kept saying the paper wasn’t trying hard enough to hit “home runs” (which was his way of saying he wanted to be excused from daily coverage to work on long-range projects of the type that Dave Barry mocked by saying that they should be accompanied by a warning: “Journalism Prize Entry — Do Not Read.”).

    I told him that I believed what The State needed to do more than anything else was start getting base hits, day after day. I saw that as a serious lack at the time.

    I still do. The paper will occasionally hit a tater, such as with catching Mark Sanford at the airport and thereby breaking open the Argentina story. But it badly needs to start getting on base more often, and then bringing the runners in.

    And not putting players on waivers when they’re at the peak of their careers… Oh, wait. I’m getting personal…

  7. Brad

    Oh, and to return to the point… I believe that getting on base, laying down bunts, bringing the guys around has always been the way for Innovista to succeed.

    And avoiding errors, of course.

  8. Steven Davis

    They’d create more jobs if they deconstructed the buildings one brick at a time.

    I’d be curious as to how little of a dent the income from that tiny company would make in the bottom line. Probably not enough to even pay for the annual housekeeping bill for the building.

    Forget homeruns, the Innovista is still driving around lost trying to find their way to the park.


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