We gotcher treason right HERE, Mr. Texas!

Folks on the left in South Carolina, few as they are, have really been cranking out some videos lately.

Now there’s this one, above, from SCForwardProgress, which rips into Rick Perry for calling our homeboy, Ben Bernanke, “treasonous.”

And yeah, I felt pretty indignant, too. Ben’s one of us. He’s from the county right next to mine. He worked at South of the Border when he was in school, for goodness sakes. And he was appointed by George W. Bush, not that Obama feller or any other blamed librul.

And of course, in all serious, speaking that way of the fed chair is in NO way appropriate coming from someone even thinking of becoming president of the United States. The remark was, not to put too fine a point on it, gross.

But on the other hand, if you’re surprised, you haven’t spent much time around the Tea Party. They talk like this.

(Oh, one last thought, about the latter part of that video. We SC boys aren’t in much of a position to get on other people’s cases for talking secession. Puts us at a disadvantage…)

14 thoughts on “We gotcher treason right HERE, Mr. Texas!

  1. Steven Davis

    I hope wherever Obama goes in the future that he takes Bernanke with him… if I were a SC native, I wouldn’t exactly brag about where he was from.

  2. bud

    Taken by itself the “treason” remark wasn’t too big a gaffe. After all politicians do give lots of speeches and occassionaly even the best of them slip up. But if these things continue to pile up it will be more of a problem for Mr. Perry. That’s certainly what happened to Sarah Palin and seems to be happening with Michele Bachman. Even Republican have limits on hate speech. Then again, I’ve over estimated the voters before.

  3. Brad

    But you see, Steve, he was appointed by a TEXAN, name of Bush. Not Obama. Obama just hasn’t gotten rid of him. I expect that on some level, he was afraid to do so…

  4. David

    I agree with bud. We all say stupid things sometimes. We all take our criticisms of those with whom we disagree too far sometimes. I know I do.

    But the fact that Perry has had the chance to take back his comments and has chosen not to do so is so appalling to me. I would hope that Republicans would not let such thuggish rhetoric stand.

  5. MTK

    Brad– I’m wondering what relevance there is to your argument and then resoponse to a commentor that he was appointed by Bush, a “Texan.” (Oh my!! You said Bush and Texan! Libs are shaking violently in dusgust!). But really…your response to the guy had nothing to do with his comment and the say he was appointed by Bush is irrelavent to the issue, since all Republicans aren’t spoken for by one guy.

  6. Bart

    The treason remark wasn’t hate speech. It was diarrhea of the mouth from another ill informed and ill advised politician. If you stop and consider the tone coming from Perry and compare it with Hartpootlian’s comments, not a lot of difference in the language or choice of words.

    Then again, what can we expect from radical partisans on either side.

  7. Craig

    At the time of his appointment I said that no good can come of picking somebody from Dillon SC (who worked with Pedro) to determine the monetary policy of the US.

  8. Brad

    Craig, have you heard his latest idea for boosting the economy? A series of billboards on the highway containing messages from “Pedro,” using a gross Mexican-stereotype accent to urge Gringos to invest in America: “Pooting your mahney een America makes good ‘cents,’ I theenk…”

    Bart, Harpo’s invective is WAY more articulate and clever. It may be just as uncivil, but he’ll know exactly what he’s saying. He’s quite the wiseacre. Perry is not — he’s more down-to-earth. He should not be underestimated, this incident aside. I think he’ll be formidable. At least in getting the nomination.

    And MTK — what I said was perfectly on point. Steven was making like Bernanke was somehow Obama’s guy. He’s not. He was appointed by the guy whom Perry often sounds like he’s impersonating.

  9. Steven Davis

    I see 20/20… I’ve just never been impressed with his inability to do nothing but make things worse.

    I could care less who appointed him, but I might have a little respect for whomever has the guts to “un-appoints” him… probably very little, but at least a little more than I did prior. He may have been Bush’s appointee… but Obama seems to think he’s doing a great job to keep him… but that might just be because as many high profile people who have jumped ship on him, he doesn’t want to make look worse by firing someone.

  10. Kevin

    Yes, I believe the responsible way to choose our elected leaders is to vote based on what humorous remarks they have made in regards to Ben Bernanke. He is from South Carolina after all, so let’s make a big deal about this.

  11. Billy

    It turns out that Bush made a mistake when he appointed Ben. Had he known how smart he is regarding economics, he’d never have done it. Ben, as you know, is not only a South Carolinian, but a scholar regarding the Great Depression. As such, he is acutely aware of the successes and mistakes of FDR. Credit Obama for keeping this guy on in his Administration. I’d rather have a knowledgeable student of economics and the Great Depression advising our President during this critical time in U.S. history than some blowhard like Perry passing gas.

  12. Mab

    What is treacherous is more of the same staged bodies around The (R) One. Look at Scarlett O’Hara there on the right. Oh Rhett Perry!

  13. Steven Davis

    @ the Pro-Bernanke folks – How’s that working out for you? If this guy is an economic genius, I fear what could have happened had he not been appointed. Why we might be heading for a double-dip recession.

    Oh… nevermind.

    Maybe we need another Cash for Clunkers program. Or lower the interest rates… what do you mean they can’t go lower.

    Maybe Obama can think of some other ideas to get Americans back to work while he’s driving around in his Canadian made Greyhound One bus.

  14. Steve Gordy

    Bernanke doesn’t look so bad when you stack him up against his predecessor; lest we forget, Saint Ronnie originally appointed Alan Greenspan to head the Fed.

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