Fan suggests Spurrier take pay cut for Saturday

I mentioned breakfast at the Cap City Club back on my last post, which reminds me… Some of the guys at the regular round table this morning were talking about the Gamecocks-Auburn thing on Saturday, and one of them said, “I didn’t see any football over the weekend.”

What he meant was, he was there at Williams-Brice. He just didn’t see any football.

He’s not bitter or anything. He blames Coach Steve Spurrier for it, but he’s willing to forgive — if the Old Ball Coach will take a 1/12th cut in his pay for that one.

Intriguing. Since his salary is $2.8 million, that would mean a reduction of … $233,333.33.

Someone else at the table suggested that he could donate the amount to academics.

I am neither endorsing nor rejecting the idea. It’s one thing to deal in political controversy here on the blog without making suggestions about other people’s religion.

As for the rest of you… discuss.

8 thoughts on “Fan suggests Spurrier take pay cut for Saturday

  1. bud

    Football fans, like voters, are fickle. A 3 point loss to the defending national champion and all of a sudden the coach should take a pay cut. Another loss and he may get fired. Seriously folks the Gamecocks are 4-1 and ranked in the top 20. I guess we all got spoiled with the baseball team. The Gamecock faithful haven’t tasted the bitter fruit of defeat in a major sport in about 6 months. I guess that explains the impatience.

  2. Juan Caruso

    Garcia has been suspended from the USC football team at least five times. Although his on-field performance is less than his now stellar teammates deserve, Coach Spurrier has inexplicably accorded renewed confidence and praise to a decidedly lackluster QB.

    It is time for fans to be assured that no ‘gifts’ of any kind from the wealthy Garcia family (or even an anonymous group of Clemson fans) accompanied such peculiarly personal decisions. Laughing out loud.

  3. Steven Davis

    bud – That “defending national champion” was gutted of almost every single starter from last season. Smaller schools put more points on the board and gained more yardage playing at Auburn than USC did playing in front of a home crowd. This football team doesn’t deserve to be ranked in the top 50. Take away the defensive scoring and this team would be 2-3 not 4-1.

    Yes if that next loss comes this weekend against a pathetic Kentucky team, people will be demanding he be fired… if he doesn’t resign first.

  4. Elliott, South Carolina

    Bud, the reason the fans are all upset is that Clemson beat Auburn the week last week. To Gamecock fans losing to a team that Clemson beat is a fire-the-coach loss. The same goes for Clemson fans. Since the teams are not in the same conference, games where both have the same opponent are few. For South Carolinians these games take on great significance.

  5. Norm Ivey

    It’s just another year in Gamecock football. Anybody who’s been paying attention for the last 30 years should have seen this coming. I love ’em, but I’ve learned to to buy the hype.

  6. Rose

    Norm, I would say that anyone who has been paying attention for the entire history of Gamecock football should have seen this coming. We cursed ourselves waaay back in 1934 when USC let go Billy Laval, who had seven consecutive winning seasons and replaced him with a high school coach from Toledo!

  7. Kathryn Fenner

    Football coaches are like CEOs–a big raise when they win, and not such a big raise when they lose, unless they exercise the generous severance package.

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