$1.65 per vote vs. $113 per vote

The first figure is what Rick Santorum spent; the second reflects the Mitt Romney outlay. Michael Li of Texas figured it this way, about the time most of the votes were in last night:

Wow. Paid media $/vote so far: Santorum $1.65, Bachmann $8, Romney $113.07, Gingrich $139 Paul $227, Perry $817.

If those numbers are right, it sounds to me like the Texans particularly got ripped off, especially Perry.

But we should keep the two numbers in the headline above in mind as we go into upcoming contests in which Romney is assumed to have an advantage because of his bigger warchest.

Frankly, I still think that stands him in good stead. Santorum’s had a long time to do retail politics in Iowa, he’s going to need money to build on this momentum in places where he is less organized.

Or will he? There’s always the wild card of free media, of which he will be getting a lot. Of course, that can cut both ways. Up to now, he’s been scrutinized no more deeply than his sweater vests

3 thoughts on “$1.65 per vote vs. $113 per vote

  1. `Kathryn Fenner

    It was just musical chairs, and Santorum won the NotRomney chair. If it were a couple of weeks later, would have been Huntsman.

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