Davy Jones, 66, catches last train to Clarksville

Yeah, that’s a pretty cheesy headline, but it was the first thing I thought of. I guess I could have said, “Davy Jones heads for the locker,” but that would have been worse:

Davy Jones — forever young and forever beloved by fans the last 50 years — has died, according to Reuters. Age: 66. The cause of death was apparently a heart attack.

Jones and his band the Monkees were in a brief moment and time very nearly as popular as the Beatles — whom they so gently satirized and idolized in that long ago NBC hit. (“The Monkees,” by the way, bowed Sept. 13, 1966 — five days after “Star Trek” launched.)…

Anyway, it’s sad. Especially for those of us who were in junior high (the perfect demographic target) when the Monkees came on the scene. Because we mourn for our youth, and how easy it was to get excited over the smallest things, even a pre-Fab Four. And I suppose it’s particularly sad for those who were girls at the time, since Jones had the faux “Paul McCartney” role in the quartet.

How strange that just yesterday, we were talking about Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork. I suppose that at this point, just to round things out, I should mention Mickey Dolenz.

You know, it’s just impossible that this much time has passed…

5 thoughts on “Davy Jones, 66, catches last train to Clarksville

  1. bud

    I saw him and his much younger wife on some kind of reality show recently and he seemed perfectly healthy and full of energy. You just never know.


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