Post poll shows Obama pulling ahead of Romney

The matchup shows President Obama being favored over Mitt Romney, 52 percent to 43 percent. Most troublesome for Republicans, I would think, is this passage from the WashPost story:

Overall, 55 percent of those who are closely following the campaign say they disapprove of what the GOP candidates have been saying. By better than 2 to 1, Americans say the more they learn about Romney, the less they like him. Even among Republicans, as many offer negative as positive assessments of him on this question. Judgments about former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who denounced Romney on Saturday night in Nevada, are about 3 to 1 negative.

Meanwhile, the president’s recent remarks are better reviewed. Among the roughly 6 in 10 Americans who heard or read about the president’s State of the Union address, 57 percent say they approve of most of what he laid out….

5 thoughts on “Post poll shows Obama pulling ahead of Romney

  1. Greg Jones

    As a Republican, I don’t embrace either of our apparent choices. BUT, I think you’ll find when the idiots finish the primaries, one of them will become more appealing. Or, as I remember my parents saying in 1964, the lesser of two evils. (I also remember them saying that Goldwater would “push the button”… a bad thing.”

  2. bud

    The latest Gallup poll has the President and Mr. Romney running even in the 12 battleground states. It’s a long time to go but I’d give the President about a 60% chance of re-election.

  3. Steve Gordy

    There’s no doubt that Mitt has ability; but all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t make him likeable again.

  4. Steven Davis

    Polls this far out are useless. Until they start debating each other it’s just a popularity contest for those who bother to respond.

  5. Steven Davis

    “I’d give the President about a 60% chance of re-election.”

    Another unscientific, biased opinion.

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