Apparently, it’s all over for Eric Holder

Well, it’s all over for Eric Holder. Chad Prosser, who is running for Congress in the new 7th District, put out this release yesterday:


Former Sanford Cabinet Member points to interference in SC internal affairs and mishandling of Fast and Furious scandal as reasons for Holder’s immediate resignation

(MURRELLS INLET, SC) – In the wake of Attorney General Eric Holder’s failure to intervene in the Fast and Furious “Gunwalking” Operation, unprecedented intrusion into the internal affairs of South Carolina, his perjury before Congress and his intentional obstruction of a Congressional investigation into who is at fault for the death of U.S. Border Control Agent Brian Terry, Chad Prosser is calling for United States Attorney General Eric Holder to vacate his office immediately.

“Holder’s role in blocking the efforts of South Carolina to crack down on illegal immigration and protect the integrity of elections in our state are reason enough for him to resign. Adding perjury, obstruction of justice, and an impending citation for contempt to the case against Holder should be enough for President Obama to ask Eric Holder to leave his cabinet post immediately,” said Prosser.

When Holder was forced to appear before Congress to testify regarding Fast and Furious on May 3, 2011, he told members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that he first heard about the operation “over the last few weeks”. Shortly after his testimony, a briefing memo dated July 5, 2010 and addressed to Eric Holder was uncovered which outlined Fast and Furious and contradicted his sworn statement to Congress. Since that time, the Justice Department has repeatedly denied the media and Congress access to documents surrounding the scandal.

Now, congressional leaders are set to pursue a contempt citation against Holder to force him to comply with multiple requests for government records outlining the failed operation.

“We need an Attorney General committed to upholding and enforcing the law, not one who makes his own set of rules and breaks the law,” added Prosser. “Eric Holder needs to resign immediately and our nation is in desperate need of a president who appoints competent leaders who understand, respect and abide by the law.”

… More information on Chad and his campaign for conservative reform in Washington can be found at


Sure, Mr. Holder may work for the president of the United States, and not for Chad Prosser, and not have a clue who Chad Prosser is, but of course he has no choice but to resign now, right? I just don’t see how he can withstand this withering pressure. I mean, Chad has demanded that he quit. And he is a “conservative reformer.” Just ask him; he’ll tell you.

OK, back to being semi-serious…

What did Mr. Prosser hope to achieve with this out-of-left-field release about something that was in national, not SC, news a year ago? Apparently, the message is “Trust me to attack anyone in the Obama administration, regardless of whether it has anything to do with me or any of the issues in my district.” Because, you see, that’s what the GOP electorate wants.

Is he right to assume that? Is it that bad?

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