Report: Myers says JAKE left the Scotch in his car

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At least, that was his first story, according to this report from WIS. Then, he blamed it on “that lady”:

LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) – Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Donnie Myers finds himself facing new alcohol charges after a South Carolina Highway Patrolman stopped the elected official last month on suspicions of driving under the influence…

“When you pulled out in front of me over here on before we got to Old Cherokee, you were swerve — you were driving down the middle of the road,” Alveshire told Myers.

“You know why?” Myers asks the trooper, “Because I was listening to the Carolina game and it’s good stuff,” Myers said.

“You had anything to drink?” the trooper asks. “Yeah, I had a few,” Myers responds.

The trooper tells Myers to walk to the back of his car when he spots a cup inside the car. Alveshire asks the solicitor what’s in the cup, and Myers responds that it’s some scotch that state Sen. Jake Knotts left in the car.

“Hang on a second,” the trooper tells Myers as he pulls out his radio and calls for backup. “Can I get one of y’all down here to Old Cherokee and Old Chapin?”…

Myers spends several minutes leaning on the back of his car as the trooper sits inside his vehicle working on the case. Myers changes his story as to whom the open container of alcohol belongs to. “That was her drink,” Myers yells to the trooper, referring to a woman who pulls up behind the trooper out of view of the camera…

Sounds a bit like that old Maxwell Smart routine: “No? Well, would you believe…?”

I assume there will be “film at 11.” Or videotape, anyway.

17 thoughts on “Report: Myers says JAKE left the Scotch in his car

  1. Steven Davis II

    Just another example of the Lexington Good ol’Boy network out having a good time. I wonder what Jakie has to say about this? I wouldn’t worry about Donnie, he’ll get a slap on the fingers AGAIN and will be back at it before the end of the weekend.

  2. Steven Davis II

    “Big friends” have a strange sense of humor. Knotts and his raghead comment and now Meyers “joking” that the alcohol on his breath and in the car is someone elses. I’m surprised they didn’t drag their other “big friends” Danny Frazier and James Metts into this.

  3. tavis micklash

    After I saw your link Brad I had to do a post about it on my website. My full comments are here

    Overall the actions of BOTH Senator Knotts AND Solicitor Myers I thought were horrible.

    I would be outraged if a “friend” tried to pin a crime on me. Especially if he was an official responsible for overseeing the Justice system in his circuit. I don’t find driving with an open container particularly funny. Neither is lieing to the cops to try to get out of a ticket by name dropping a powerful senator and impeding an investigation.

    I get that they may be buddies but its pretty insensitive to just saying he was “joking” around.

    SD II said
    ” I wonder what Jakie has to say about this?”

    From Jody Barrs article
    “He was joking with the guy about that being my drink,” Knotts said, “and when you see the video, I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.” Knotts admitted that he and Myers are “big friends” and do spend time together.

    I was almost more offended by Sen Knotts comments than Donnie Myers actions.

    This is inapropriate for anyone. Much less officials that are responsible for justice in SC.

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    @Silence–I think Mab is a she, as in Queen Mab.

    Wasn’t it Neil White who quipped back when Donnie “discovered” a cold beer in his car at 2 AM during an NC cop stop, “College students everywhere are rejoicing at the first known instance of spontaneous generation of beer”?

  5. Mark Stewart

    Could someone please sit him down, tell him he is an alcoholic, and then take away his license (and in my view, his job)? Sometimes I feel there is good reason why the highway patrol spends a good bit of time in my neighborhood.

    Thanks to them for stopping him. I wondered who had been pulled that evening.

  6. Ralph Hightower

    I can drive a car and listen to a baseball game at the same time without driving down the “middle lane”; I hate those jerks that can’t drive between the white lines.

    Wasn’t Myers pulled over in Charleston also for DUI?

    Really, blaming the open container on Jakie Knotts? Then switching his story about it belonging to his “girlfriend”?

    It’s time to get a new solicitor. Lawyers for the prosecution could possibly use Myer’s legal problems as a way to dismiss cases.

  7. `Kathryn Braun

    What really kills me is that the numero uno officer of the court in law-loving Lexington allows an open container of Scotch in his vehicle, regardless of whose it is. Giving him the maximum benefit of the doubt, he’s still a scofflaw!

  8. Doug Ross


    There are two sets of laws. Who is one of the biggest slumlords in the area surrounding USC?

  9. `Kathryn Braun

    @Ralph–The Charleston bust was the (now former) Richland County Solicitor Barney Giese. Funny how it seems to be a thing.

    @ Doug–you mean attorney General Frivolous Appeal? He lost at the Supreme level….

    @Mark–You mean the river in Egypt runs through your nabe?

  10. BD01

    @ Kathryn — exactly. Does it really matter whose booze it ultimately is? If he would lie about it once, twice, ad infinitum, what else would he lie about? ‘Everything’ is just one possibility.

    Truth is simply not a component of his code of ethics. And this filters down through the “justice” system in Lexington County and now throughout South Carolina via his well-connected meddling.

    Perception trumps reality. It’s really all a matter of getting people to believe your fabrications. This wins cases, elections, virtually any arena to which you send your lies.

  11. Mark Stewart


    You’d think it was Lake Murray, but it really seems like the land of D’Nile.

    Law abiding, rule of law respecting behavior is but a facade in these parts.

  12. `Kathryn Braun

    @Mark–and Lake Murray is kind of a BUI free-for-all, too, I understand!

    …and I here thought Lexington was the land of the teetotalling Babdists!

  13. Silence

    @ brad – I don’t remember you telling that story.
    @’Kathryn & Doug – Laws are for the little people, not politicians.

  14. bud

    @’Kathryn & Doug – Laws are for the little people, not politicians.

    Or big time corporate execs like the top dogs at BP.

  15. bud

    Big government, big corporations and big labor can all be detrimental. Not sure why everyone picks on labor.

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