Where’s Warthen? A Facebook tagging game

So today I get another one of those ubiquitous Facebook messages:

Chris Sullivan tagged a photo of you.

And I follow the link to the picture, and it’s the one you see above. The caption says:

Henri Baskins (Executive Director for CRC), Moryah Jackson, Ike McLeese (President of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce) — with Moryah Jackson and Brad Warthen at Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.

And yes, I am technically in the picture. But I’m nearly as well-hidden as Waldo. A hint: This picture is at least several weeks old, because I’m beardless.

You just never know when someone has a camera pointed at you. Or sorta, kinda at you. Remember that, Mr. Romney.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Warthen? A Facebook tagging game

  1. Brad

    Mack and Amy Stone are WAY more visible than I am. And I think I see the back of John Lumpkin’s head. Actually, you might mistake him for me at that angle…

    And speaking of the backs of heads, there’s County Councilman Jim Manning, I think…

  2. Steven Davis II

    Actually, from his point of view, he’s on the far left… which is kind where I expected to find him.

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