Silence, where’re you at?

Just noticed something.

Silence has been, well, silent lately. Which is weird.

I got to thinking about this when I was looking at a post from back in April, and he was all over the place. Given his usual frequency, this is sort of like Doug or Bud or Kathryn going AWOL. (Bud once did, for awhile, but came back.)

He last posted on August 8, and here it is October.

There was nothing extraordinary about the message. He didn’t say, “See y’all later, I’m going on a super-secret double-naught spy mission that I can’t talk about.” Which, come to think of it, is actually something that Silence might do.

So, to use the vernacular, where’re you at, Silence?

5 thoughts on “Silence, where’re you at?

  1. Silence

    Hi Brad et al. Sorry for being AWOL. I’ve been pretty swamped.
    First, my day job’s Bluecoat classified Brad’s blog as a “political activist” site and blocked access to it.
    Then I started a consulting company as a moonlighting job, and it’s been keeping me pretty busy in the evenings. I guess it’s good to have the extra paycheck, though.
    Add volunteering and being a daddy to Little Miss Silence (Age 1 this week), and I don’t get time to play on the computer in the evening until it’s pretty late. Most nights I just jump online to check the market, then get in bed and see what’s on the DVR while I wait for sleep to set in.

    I’ll try to check in more frequently! I miss everyone’s comments and insight.

  2. tavis micklash

    At least I have a doctors note for being AWOL. My gall bladder decided to blow up a couple of weeks ago.

    “I’m going on a super-secret double-naught spy mission that I can’t talk about.”

    I could see that BTW. Im almost positive Ninjas are involved.


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