Yeah, but they didn’t necessarily mean it as a compliment…

I enjoyed seeing the profile on Larry Grooms’ Twitter feed:

SC Senator who believes in faith, family and freedom. Named the “Conservative’s Conservative” by @TheState. Candidate for SC’s 1st Congressional District.

Leave it to Larry to hear “conservative’s conservative” as an honorific. But he’s far from alone in his  party. As I’ve said before, I expect that any day now, we’ll see a release from a GOP candidate — one running in a contested primary, of course — that consists of nothing but the word “conservative” repeated over and over, 40 or 50 times.

There are some who have come pretty close to that ideal.

By the way, I was being ironic when I said “ideal.”

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  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    OK, in that previous post I linked to, I didn’t actually predict a release that “consists of nothing but the word ‘conservative’ repeated over and over, 40 or 50 times. I remembered it wrong.

    But what I did was create this parody of a release from a GOP primary candidate, which I enjoyed just now looking back at it:

    As I’ve said from Day One I’m a conservative a true conservative my daddy was a conservative daddy my mama was a conservative mama I’m a bidnessman meet a payroll don’t take bailouts lazy shiftless welfare takers the key is to starve ‘em before they reproduce 100 percent rating from conservative conservatives of America my dog is a conservative dog I don’t have a cat because cats are effete I eat conservative I sleep conservative I excrete conservative I got conservative principles a conservative house and conservative clothes take back our government from the socialists even though we don’t really want it because who needs government anyway they don’t have government in Somalia and they’re doing alright aren’t they National Rifle Association Charlton Heston is my president and Ronald Reagan is my God I will have no gods before him I go Arizona-style all the way that’s the way I roll I will keep their cold dead government hands off your Medicare so help me Ronald Reagan…

    That’s the way they read to me, anyway. Of course, I went on to lampoon my liberal friends, saying that just once I’d like to see a GOP release that read like this:

    Actually, I’m a liberal. A liberal all the way. I drive a Prius, I love wine and cheese parties with the faculty, I think America is a big bully in the world and no wonder people hate us (I’d be a terrorist, too, if I didn’t abhor violence so), and I never saw an abortion I didn’t like. My spouse and I have an open marriage, so scandal can’t touch us, because to each his or her own. I’m a white, male heterosexual and the guilt just eats me alive; I wish I belonged to a group that was more GENUINE, you know? The first thing I’d do if elected is raise taxes through the roof, and spend every penny on public education, except for a portion set aside for re-education camps for people who now home-school their kids. Then, if we needed more money for excessive regulation of business and other essential government services, we’d raise taxes again, but only on the rich, which is defined as YOU or anybody who makes more than you. Probably the best word to describe my overall tax plan would be “confiscatory.” And my spending (OH, my spending! You’ve never seen spending until you see my spending!) would best be termed “redistributive.” If elected, my inaugural party will have music by the Dixie Chicks and the Indigo Girls, and then we’ll all bow down to a gigantic image of Barack (did you know it means “blessed”?) Obama, the savior of us all, and chant in some language other than the ultimate oppressor language, English. French, perhaps. Or Kiswahili.

    1. Steven Davis II

      I find it interesting that a liberal such as Michael subscribes to Twitter feeds from the GOP.

      1. Michael Rodgers

        I don’t subscribe to twitter feeds from the GOP. The tweet from Mr. Kincannon, Esquire, is certainly not from the GOP.

        Generally, I read both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. I am interested in learning and in seeing different points of view. I thank you for sharing your point of view.

        Please, though, if you would be so kind, in the future, comment about what I write specifically without speculating about my political inclinations and the media through which I learn about current events. Thanks.

      2. Michael Rodgers

        I guess you’re asking how I came across the heinous tweets of Todd Kincannon. Once in a while I check out the tweets of Wesley Donehue and Phil Bailey of Pub Politics. On Monday I saw Wesley Donehue tweet, “@AlbertLoveday what exactly should the SCGOP be ashamed of?” in response to her tweet (which linked to the wonkette story), “This is unbelievable. Todd and the SCGOP should be ashamed!” OK, thanks for your curiosity.

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