Lee Bright attacking Lindsey Graham for making sense

… which is pretty much his whole campaign strategy, near as I can tell.

Anyway, here’s the release from the challenger:

Becoming Obama’s Top Spokesman on ObamaCare, Shutdown

Lindsey Graham went on Fox News yesterday to continue undercutting Ted Cruz and other conservatives on their strategy to defund and delay ObamaCare, and force the President’s hand on the budget. Graham stated that stopping ObamaCare was “unrealistic” and “a bridge too far”.

Lee Bright, the upstate Senator challenging Graham in the 2014 Primary, quickly responded, saying, “Lindsey Graham’s time in Washington is a career too far. He is so astonishingly out of touch with American conservatives, and he obviously has no idea how the leadership of Ted Cruz is playing outside the beltway. He and John McCain are the best friends of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda, and it’s time we bring Graham home, and leave McCain to surrender to the Democrats by himself.”

Bright went on to add that “Lindsey Graham really doesn’t understand what a train wreck and an abomination that ObamaCare really is. If he did, he wouldn’t have been on the wrong side of the cloture vote, wouldn’t have taken his office phone off the hook, and wouldn’t have advocated for preferential treatment for himself and his staff. His behavior is just shameful, and yet, I feel like every time he speaks he’s airing an attack ad against his own campaign.”

Bright predicted that there would be continued outrage and backlash against Graham as his Fox News quotes penetrate the internet and talk radio, saying, “Graham may be below 30% in the next re-elect poll. He may be so blinded by the beltway group-think that he believes South Carolina Republicans are like New York or Massachusetts Republicans, but he’s about to find out this is not the case.”

In criticizing Graham for distancing himself from Cruz and Lee, Bright is ignoring this:

Two prominent advocates of the GOP’s strategy to defund Obamacare in a government funding bill, Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, have seen their favorability numbers drop in separate new polls.

Lee’s favorability in his home state of Utah is down 10 points since June, according to a new poll from Brigham Young University. Overall, voters see Lee unfavorably, 51 percent to 40 percent. Broken down by degree, 40 percent had a “very unfavorable” view of Lee, and 11 percent had a “somewhat unfavorable” view of him.

In June, the same poll found almost the mirror image, with 50 percent of voters viewing him favorably and 41 percent viewing him unfavorably….

Cruz was the focus of another poll out Thursday from Gallup, which found since June, more Americans know Cruz but they think less of him.

In the poll, 62 percent of Americans knew the Republican enough to form an opinion, compared with 42 percent in June, but his unfavorability has gone up 18 points in the same time frame.

Cruz has gone from being viewed favorably, 24 percent to 18 percent, in June to being viewed 26 percent favorably and 36 percent unfavorably in the latest poll.

Of course, Lee doesn’t care about what the people of Utah, in the aggregate, think of him any more than Bright cares about what the South Carolinians overall think of him. They only care about what a plurality of GOP primary voters think. So they’re paying more attention to polls such as this one.

17 thoughts on “Lee Bright attacking Lindsey Graham for making sense

  1. Barry

    Lee Bright is an angry, angry fellow and apparently hasn’t noticed what is obvious to everyone else that is paying attention (which leaves out most of South Carolina BTW- and Lee knows that).

    even the House leadership has quit talking about defunding Obamacare in the last week or so- it’s not really an issue at all anymore in this current debate.

      1. Barry

        He’s serving it up like you’d serve up a juicy steak to a hungry animal- and that’s his goal.

        You notice Senator Bright doesn’t have a detailed health-care plan of his own that he’s championed. He’s simply the “anti Graham” candidate.

        and his facebook page is populated by people that seem to think Senator Graham and Ted Kennedy were the same person. A lot of false information being posted by posters on his page- and a lot of VERY ANGRY people.

        I am not a fan of the President- but life it too short to be that angry- scary angry.

        They are under the false notion that Lee Bright or anyone is going to go to Washington DC and implement an anger driven agenda with a nation that is quickly becoming more of a melting pot than ever before.

  2. Karen McLeod

    When the campaign season heats up seriously, I plan to contact as many candidates as I can, and let them know that I do not appreciate the over-the-top rhetoric, not to mention the ad hominem attacks that have so confused our electorate and paralyzed our nation. Furthermore outright, verifiable lies are totally unacceptable. I will not vote for those who campaign in this manner. I would wish that other, like-minded persons, contact them with similar messages. Maybe if enough of them get through, they will begin to understand that this behavior is likely to lose them the election. Fair warning, you’ll be seeing posts similar to this again as the races heat up. Yes, I am trying to start a write/call/email/text movement here.

    1. Barry

      The problem with folks like Lee Bright is – they attract a lot of real weird folks.

      on his facebook page he asked questions like “what agencies would you want me to get rid of” – and open ended questions. Half the folks responding to him want him to get ride of the defense department and the US Postal Service.

      He’s a real strange dude who is attracting folks that don’t have a clue in this world- and probably can’t even run their own lives.

  3. Steve Gordy

    It would be funny if it weren’t so hurtful, to think of Lee Bright going to Washington and actually trying to deal with people on Capitol Hill. If he spent too much time hanging around Ted Cruz, he would quickly learn that he had put his foot in it, big-time.

    1. Barry

      From reading his Facebook page- his supporters don’t want him to deal with anyone- anytime- anywhere.

      He’s more suited to be King- than someone that is a member of legislative body.

      Pardon the personal comments, but a lot of his supporters appear to be complete morons.

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