Well, at least I’m in good company, I guess


While going through my email, I paused a moment to take the weekly Slate News Quiz — which I always do horribly on, partly because you’re scored on how quickly you answer, which I hate, and it rattles me.

This time, in my haste, I gave two wrong answers even though I knew the right answer in my gut — trying to play safe and give a more reasonable-sounding answer than the right one. My mind does that, when hurried — the stress of lack of time makes me overthink, for some reason.

But I don’t feel too bad, because even though I did worse than average (I usually do, which is why you don’t see me posting my results the way I do on the tests that I ace), I did better than Slate’s chief political correspondent, that loser

4 thoughts on “Well, at least I’m in good company, I guess

  1. Scout

    Gee, that time thing is rattling. I got 8/12 in 1:59. But I don’t like being timed either. If only car seats would protect us from Justin Bieber. That one made me laugh.


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