That Cindi is just all business, even on Twitter

Had to smile when I noticed that Cindi Scoppe had posted something in Twitter seconds before I did this morning, so that we had back-to-back Tweets:

cindi twitter

That Cindi has always been all business. I use Twitter for serious purposes, too, but I also like to have fun. Which is why I Tweet a lot more than she does (about 10 times as much, so far — but I had a head start).

As for the serious business, by all means go read her piece about other reform measures that would take us a lot further down the line that the one just passed doing away with the Budget and Control Board. It’s stuff I could recite in my sleep, since we started advocating for these things in 1991, but it’s important.

As for my Tweet… You know what I’m talking about, right? After the guy says, “You’re WHAT?!?!” (At 3:37 on this video), I had always heard the response to be, “Ennnn ROUTE… Russss.”

But I was never sure I had it right. So when the song came on the radio this morning, I flipped on my SoundHound app while waiting at a red light, and the lyrics that came up said that the line was… “Tin roof, rusted.” (And no, I wasn’t driving while I Tweeted. I waited until I was seated at breakfast.)

If that’s right, it’s a disappointment. I thought my version sounded kind of off, but it’s more logical as a response to “You’re WHAT?” Because, you know, much of the song has to do with traveling TO the Love Shack. So you might naturally tell someone you were en route.

But you don’t care, do you? I can see that. So go read Cindi’s piece. Edify yourself.

18 thoughts on “That Cindi is just all business, even on Twitter

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I’m going to admit that now that I know that, it does sound more like “tin ROOF.” But that doesn’t sound like “rusted.” And how does it make sense as a reply to “You’re WHAT?”

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        That’s what I thought it said, when I first heard it.

        I actually first heard that played not by Hendrix, but by a high school garage band. They had this youth center at MacDill AFB when I lived there in the late 60s, and there were these dances I’d go to on the weekends — although we were entering that period when music was no longer for dancing, but for listening, with great seriousness.

        The kids who would play those gigs were very up-to-date. There were a number of things I heard them play before I heard the originals, by Hendrix, Cream and others. This is partly because I was into what I was into at the time, and wasn’t necessarily about what was being played most on the radio. As I recall, I was really into stuff like Steve Miller Band at the time (the “Your Saving Grace” album), well before they went all commercial and popular in the 70s.

        It wasn’t that I was so cool. I wasn’t cool at all, really. I was just into what I was into…

  2. Kathryn Fenner

    But, tell the truth, where’s her bio? The truthers want to know! Why the coverup? Biogate is the next Benghazi!

    1. Juan Caruso

      KF, you raise a good question about C. Scoppe’s missing bio.

      Scoppe was handed a daily circulation of ~ 65,0000 in South Carolina’s iconic broadsheet. Where is her counterpart in a state known for its conservate citizens? The counterpoint is certainly not Kathleen Parker, an attorney’s wife.

      C. Scoppe’s opinions appear in the State much more often than those of nationally-syndicated columnists like A. Coulter, K. Kelley, K. Parker, M. Dowd, M. Malkin, etc.

      While her circulation is arguably smaller than M. Dowd’s, it is SC’s second largest, yet readers are currently barred from guaging Scoppe’s depth of experience and level of attainments.

      1. Michael Rodgers

        1) If you have a question for thestate or for Cindi Scoppe, then contact thestate or Cindi Scoppe and ask your question. Her official bio is here. In the about section it lists, among other things, all her awards and how she’s been covering state government for thestate since 1988.
        2) Cindi Scoppe is one of the best associate editors, editorial writers, and columnists of any paper in the United States, and I would compare her work against other associate editors, editorial writers, and syndicated columnists, regardless of gender, not against the all female syndicated columnist group you listed.

        1. Juan Caruso

          Thanks for the belated bio, M.R.

          Which now prominently includes what has rarely appeared elsewhere:

          “Cindi is a member and serves on the Stewardship Committee and the Altar Guild and as strategic visioning coordinator of Columbia’s Church of the Good Shepherd, the Anglo-Catholic parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina. …She is a lover of cats and a baker of cakes…”

          Great so far for me (I can also bake cakes), but I think we can both hear feminists and atheists gagging.

          The background is not all good for conservatives, however. Cindi, unwittingly or not, prefers centralized government:

          “Letting voters choose their own district empowers all voters, rather than giving all the power to those who are in the majority in a district that was carved up to suit a particular incumbent or party.” – Cinidi Scoppe

          Again, thanks. I have no more questions about the Scoppe coverup, which appears to have been from both liberal and conservative readers.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      OK, well now THAT would make it make sense, I guess.

      I just researched that a bit (it hadn’t occurred to me to Google the phrase; it just seemed so much like a one-time nonsense thing, rather than a phrase with meaning), and can’t tell whether it had that meaning at the time the record was made, or if that meaning followed the song…

  3. Bryan Caskey

    Cindi may be all business on the internet/twitter. She’s the 1950’s crewcut — all business.

    You? Your internet presence is the 1970’s mullet: Business up front; party in the back.

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