Open Thread for Thursday, July 10, 2014

I’m going to be kind of tied up the rest of the day, so here are some things to discuss amongst yourselves:

  1. Boehner splits with Palin on call for Obama impeachment — You know, things have come to a pretty bad point when all you have to do to look like a statesman is not want to impeach the president.
  2. Germans Order Expulsion of Top U.S. Spy in Espionage Case — So much for that big World Cup win putting the Germans in a good mood so that they forget about this.
  3. Iraq insurgents seize nuclear material — First, AP tells us they’ve found chemical weapons in Iraq (“Iraq says Islamic State militants have control of facility holding 2,500 rockets filled with chemical weapons, then backtracks (“CORRECTION: Iraq: Facility held by extremists holds remnants of degraded chemical rockets (not active weapons)“). Now this. Listen, folks, it doesn’t do us any good to find the WMD now
  4. The girl who has everything — I noticed that Haley ex-Chief of Staff Tim Pearson is rather exercised at The State for having referred to the governor as a “girl.” Or rather, he’s upset with the Post and Courier for not standing up for the governor, since they got so worked up about the “little girl” thing a while back. Below you see the headline as it appeared in the paper; it appeared as “woman” online. Thoughts?



19 thoughts on “Open Thread for Thursday, July 10, 2014

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Well, I’m back, and… what?!?!? No comments? Not a single one?

    Whassamatta with y’all? Don’t you like Open Threads any more? You use to LOVE ’em. Look at this one, with 78 replies on it!

    Am I just picking bad topics, or what?

    Whine, gripe, moan…

  2. Rose

    I rolled my eyes at the “girl who runs the state.” You wouldn’t say the “boy who runs the state.” She’s a woman, not a girl.

      1. Silence

        If there’s grass on the field, play cricket.

        Typically, an observant Sikh wears a knife called a “Kirpan” which is used to defend one’s self or others from oppression. Perhaps our fair governor is taking it one step further, and has supplanted the traditional kirpan with an AR-15. This will allow her to defend against oppression from up to 600 yards out.

  3. bud

    Why is the media still providing the likes of Sarah Palin to voice her opinions? I understand that even the nuttiest people have freedom of speech but we don’t have to treat them like they are actually in any sense of the word credible. And that goes double for Dick Cheney.

    1. Bart

      And Rosie O’Donnel is the voice of reason in a troubled world? Palin has just as much right to expound her right wing views as Rosie has to voice hers on her own show. Credibility is in the beliefs of the beholder like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Damn, I couldn’t resist a reply.

      1. Kathryn Braun Fenner

        Rosie O’Donnell is a comedian and actress with political views she expresses freely, maybe too freely. She got top ratings on The View, unlike Palin’s adventures in TV. I think Sarah Palin would actually be a step up from Sherri Shepherd who famously stated she had no position on whether the earth was flat, as she had not considered it, or the dangerous anti vaxxer Jenny McCarthy. Palin would probably make good teevee!

        1. Bart

          I agree that Palin would make good tv, especially the sparks that would fly between Rosie, Whoopi, and Palin when discussing hot political topics. If Palin were to be a regular on the show, I might watch a broadcast or two for the entertainment potential.

        2. Barry

          Rose and Sarah Palin are blowhards.
          At least Palin was an elected governor at one time – before she quit to do pretty much nothing.

  4. Silence

    Did we talk yet about the smokin’ hot cheerleader from Texas who goes big game hunting in Africa and posts the pictures on her social media accounts?

  5. Dave Crockett

    I guess I’m surprised not to hear reaction on this group the the state Supreme Court reversal of Judge Manning’s decision on the Wilson-Harrell issue (dutifully noted on Bryan Caskey’s blog earlier this week — yes, Bryan, I dolook at it occasionally! 🙂 ). I’m not sufficiently conversant in the case to offer much beyond agreement with earlier comments here to the effect that Manning was apparently way off base in trying to push the AG out of the matter…

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