Ervin to participate in gubernatorial debates

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Tom Ervin Accepts Invitation to S.C. Gubernatorial Debates 


Greenville, S.C. — Independent Republican Tom Ervin accepts The Post and Courier’s invitation to participate in the South Carolina gubernatorial debates.

“We accept The Post and Courier’s invitation to a series of debates because we believe South Carolina voters deserve the opportunity to hear the candidates for governor discuss their vision for the state,” said Matt David, the campaign’s senior adviser. “We fully anticipate that each candidate will follow Tom’s lead and accept this invitation because rejecting this opportunity would deny voters this fundamental component of the democratic process and send the message that they have something to hide. Tom looks forward to discussing his common sense vision to repair our crumbling roads, provide every child a world class education, and implement tough ethics reform to clean-up Columbia.”

There will be two debates hosted by The Post and Courier, WCIV-TV in Charleston, WACH-TV in Columbia, WPDE-TV in Myrtle Beach and WLOS-TV/WMYA-TV in the Greenville market.

The first debate will be in the Charleston media market on Tuesday, Oct. 14 and it will focus on jobs, the economy and growth.

The second debate will be held in the Greenville/Spartanburg media market on Tuesday, Oct. 21. and it will focus on education and healthcare.

Each debate will be hosted by a panel of journalists and broadcast by the event’s media partners and live streamed online….

So that’s good news for Ervin — and good news for Vincent Sheheen, since his hopes for a win depend so heavily on Ervin doing a good job of pulling votes from Nikki Haley.

4 thoughts on “Ervin to participate in gubernatorial debates

  1. Barry

    His commercial where his wife is telling the viewer how he attended a soldier’s funeral – a soldier he didn’t even know is compelling- in a bad way

    I keep wondering – isn’t this something you do – and not tell everyone about? Why announce something like that only to show folks what a great guy you happen to be….

    I have no doubt that commercial has turned a lot of folks off- if they were paying attention in the first place.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Yeah, it makes me have that thought, too. It also makes me think, “Must be nice to have the money to do something like this for somebody.” In other words, it tells me that Ervin may not be in touch with those of us who struggle to pay our bills…

      It reminds me of those radio ads that a local business does where this woman tells these involved stories about her husband’s experience in the Air Force. Makes me think, “Why is she telling me this?” And if a pro-military guy like me thinks that, well…

      1. Barry

        I know the radio commercial are you speaking of

        I don’t mind commercials where someone is promoting charity, or that shows them working with the charity, but a commercial that is 100% self promotion gives me an uneasy feeling.

      2. Silence

        I will never shop from Joe and Gladys. There commercials irk me, and honestly, I’m sick of hearing about their life story and Joe’s Air Force exploits. I think it’s just them being narcissistic, and it has nothing to do with the gd furniture.

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