It’s International Talk like Robert Newton Day

Some call it “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” but I’ve often wondered where we get the silly notion that pirates went around saying “ARRRH!” and growling in a West Country burr.

I assumed it came from the movies.

Apparently, it came primarily from character actor Robert Newton, who played Long John Silver in the ’50s. This was brought to my attention by the Slatest.

So, if you didn’t know before, now you know…

Robert Newton

13 thoughts on “It’s International Talk like Robert Newton Day

  1. bud

    On a personal note, I had a heart catheterization today. A couple of weeks ago I had a stress test that indicated an 87% probability that I had a blockage in one of my arteries. Turns out I was one of the fortunate 13% that do NOT have a blockage! I have a very strange heart rhythm that apparently accounted for the stress test results. But my heart seems to be in very good health. Now for the painful part, paying the bill.

  2. bud

    Arrrrrrr! Indeed. What’s really a bit un-nerving is that I have absolutely no clue what I’ll end up paying out of pocket. So far I’ve only paid $90. If I get my car repaired I have a pretty good idea what it will cost when I take it in. If the HVAC unit goes out I get an estimate before going ahead with the replacement. But with medical treatment it’s pretty much a mystery. Why do we continue to put up with this ridiculous system.


        1. Silence

          Them that die will be the lucky ones! Once Obama gets hold of all yer doubloons and pieces-of-eight, you’ll be wishing he’d been keelhauled. Now we’re all being marooned on Obamacare island, with nary a bottle o’ rum.

        2. Doug Ross

          I was going by the fact that there appeared to be two weeks between the initial test and the procedure. That would suggest getting insurance approval for it which typically has an estimate of what the patient will owe.

          1. Brad Warthen Post author

            I find that it’s hard to find out your total outlay even after a procedure. I regularly get bills a year or two after the fact, for things I’ve long ago forgotten, from when I was on different insurance. Very confusing.

            And when I get them, I feel a tightness in my chest. I’m all like, Why didn’t they send me this THEN? I could have afforded it THEN. It’s like they watch your finances and wait for the moment when you’re feeling the most stressed about your bills, and send it then.

            Sort of a free stress test for your heart, but without the monitoring…

            1. Silence

              Aye, ye never knows what the bills will be until you have the ship careened on a sheltered beach. Only havin’ heaved down, can ye inspect the hull to determine what the damages be.


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