Nikki Haley’s meek assurances to the neoConfederates

I wrote about this and posted it four years ago, and referred back to it yesterday.

But today, when the Sheheen campaign sent it out for the benefit of those who previously missed it or have forgotten, it occurred to me that they have a point: For the sake of clear comparison to Sheheen’s stand, it’s probably worth posting again.

Aside from her meek assurances that no, she won’t try to get the flag down, and no, she won’t succumb to “pressure” to change her mind, there are a number of bits that sort of make the flesh crawl — such as when her questioner (in a voice that even Hollywood might think sounded TOO stereotypical; it’s in the Strother Martin range) asks whether she realizes that “we do have the power to oust someone” if she misleads them, and that David Beasley “learned that the hard way.” Whatever the issue, you will seldom hear a political threat uttered in such naked terms. That part starts at 6:15.

Almost everything objectionable about flag defenders is on display here, such as the laughable conceit that they somehow have the monopoly on true knowledge of history. Hear the voice ask Rep. Haley (at 5:44) whether she understands that the Emancipation Proclamation, which “is supposed to be such a great document,” only freed slaves in states in a state of rebellion. It’s apparent that this guy thinks this is not only some great revelation (as though any student of history wouldn’t know it), but that he thinks it somehow delegitimizes the Union cause, and excuses the Southern one.

Nikki nods and smiles through all that. To her credit, I think I sense a little bit of, “Oh my God, what have I let myself in for here?” in her eyes.

But then she humbly assures these folks that she will do their bidding in office. And that’s the point here.

7 thoughts on “Nikki Haley’s meek assurances to the neoConfederates

  1. Juan Caruso

    Re: “Nikki Haley’s meek assurances”

    I, for one, greatly prefer occasional meekness in women of stature than the unbridled arrogance of would-be political leaders of either gender. Brad, once remarked that Vincent Sheheen reminded him of “Gilligan”. I was never able to make such a connection in appearances.

    What may be flagrantly obvious to many voters, however, is the rather unfortunate resemblence of Sheheen’s natural voice to that of “Mister Rogers” (“Fred” McFeely Rogers) of TV fame, whose voice was also meek, but whose manner was decidedly unpretentious — something few elected lawyers of either party manage to project.

      1. Juan Caruso

        KF, why have you deliberately deleted the word “occasional” (as in “occasional meekness”) from what I actually stated? Apparently, you disagree with male appreciation of those women of stature who are confident enough in their gender to occasionally display their intrinsic nature.

        Hopeless feminists variously deny gender differences either exist or even matter. They are as out of touch with reality as the men who behave them, and their unceasing effort (in the USA) to sublimate intrinsic maleness encourages barbarians like ISIL, who are unphased by either sissy men or “combat women”.

  2. Andrew G

    Let’s see if in January, if Sheheen probably loses, if he files a bill to remove the flag. I think he should.

    Mostly I’m interested to see if Sheheen will do what you did, regarding the Neo Confederate guys, and compare and contrast with Haley in an actual debate with her on the stage next to him.

    If he won’t do that, then it’s a stunt. If he will, well, he has an issue going forward.

    If you look towards the back of Walter Edgar’s SC History door stopper, you’ll see a picture of the wide range of elected and civic officials, multiple former Governor’s, etc., standing next to Beasley talking about taking the flag down.

    Then I remember going to my poll in ’98 and seeing as many Confederate flags waving as I ever have.

    I’d like to see more than Sheheen, Sellars, and a handful of Democrat, black mayors. I’d like to see a cross section of elected and civic officials from across the state, but honestly, I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Indeed, why did it only occur to Sheheen now, when he could have filed a bill so many times previously?

    2. Barry

      If he filed such a bill- people would still call it a stunt- because a member of the Senate- it would go nowhere.

      I think this is a stunt- but I do believe Sheheen wants it off the grounds- and always has wanted it off the grounds.

      In this case, he’s letting folks know if he wins – he will work to remove it – with the office of the Governor doing the bidding.


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