Open Thread for Friday, October 24, 2014

Some possible topics:

  1. Good news, bad news on Ebola — The good is that nurse Nina Pham has been released. The bad is the doctor in New York (which will be more intensely covered because it happened in New York rather than flyover land). Meanwhile, the WashPost reports how the Russkies once planned to use the disease as a weapon.
  2. Shooting In Washington School Leaves Shooter, One Other Dead — And so we’re reminded that Canada is not where you usually find this sort of thing. As though we needed such.
  3. The Russians Have Us Over a Rocket — You won’t be able to read this because of the pay wall — I couldn’t. But I got the point, and it’s a good one: It’s bad to be dependent on Putin’s Russia for our access to space.

    Or, whatever you want to talk about…

4 thoughts on “Open Thread for Friday, October 24, 2014

  1. bud

    The Ebola story is easily the most overblown story since Y2K. So far not one person who contracted the disease in the U.S. has died. Not one. But every single day 10 pedestrians will die in this country. Perhaps as many as 50k will die of influenza. I guess it does serve one purpose, it is a useful canard for the Repugs to politicize. And what better way to govern than to take a non-story and hammer the president. I guess Benghazi finally lost it’s usefulness.

      1. Juan Caruso

        The .40-caliber Beretta handgun used by shooter Fryberg belonged to his Dad. There are very good reasons juveniles should never have access to handguns:

        1. Handguns are commonly used by violent felons, and possessed by youthful members of gangs arcoss the country in concealed fashion (illegal). Current laws do not elevate repeated illegal possession by minors to a status providing graduated penalties — by the time these offenders reach majority (adulthood), another illegal possession should provide for no-frills incarceration resulting in parole requiring a job, no association with felons, no weapons possession, etc.

        Not in the U.S., however, because such a remedy materially hinders trial lawyer enrichment.

        2. Fryberg’s dad (latest example) escapes responsibility for his son’s access to the former’s handgun which even in the Pacific Nortwest is certainly not needed for legitimate hunting in the opinions of many, if not most Americans. A vapid argument can be made that would-be shooters could still bring long guns to school — not as easy to conceal.

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