James Smith for governor in 2018?


The State reports today that Democrats have “no idea” whom they’ll run for governor in 2018.

But somebody out there has an idea. Over the weekend, the above new Twitter account started following me.

There’s also a Facebook page

5 thoughts on “James Smith for governor in 2018?

  1. Andrew G

    Well … he’s one of a handful that has a real shot at it, isn’t he?

    For the GOP, I feel certain that Henry McMaster is already strategizing what a 2016 run will look like – probably has been since the 2010 primary ended, and certainly Alan Wilson allies are considering it. I’d guess Mick Mulvaney is considering it too.

    Course at this point in 2006, no one thought that Nikki Haley would be governor, so who knows.

  2. Doug Ross

    Well, like Sheheen, he has four years to do something. Hopefully he’ll shoot for more than reshuffling government boards and 4K kindergarten.

    How about a revamping of the already pretty good tech school system? How about a flat tax on income? How about that pesky flag? How about casino gambling in Myrtle Beach.

    Go big or go home.

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    I just got off the phone with James.

    He said he’s seen the new Twitter feed, but doesn’t know who’s behind it, although he’s pleased and flattered.

    However, he says that for now and for the next two years, he’s “very thrilled to be representing District 72,” and he’s completely “focused on the House right now”…

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Yeah, but he’s been pretty bold in defense of the public good before–running for governor seems like a lot less of a sacrifice than combat…

      1. Doug Ross

        What’s the “mission” – besides beating Republicans?

        Can he run a campaign based on ideas instead of attacking his opponent?

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