White people rioting over stupid… stuff


سلطان سعود القاسمي, a.k.a., @SultanAlQassemi, brings this to my attention:

This in no way, shape or form excuses the behavior of those engaged in mindless destruction in Ferguson, MO. But it does provide an interesting side note, a bit of perspective lest we leap to erroneous, ugly conclusions.

Stupid is stupid.

12 thoughts on “White people rioting over stupid… stuff

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I was about to say, “Stupid is stupid, and demographics have no bearing on it.”

    But I realized that this particular kind of stupid does seem to skew young, and male….

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Makes me worry a bit. My son has a big dog that appears to be a Carolina Dog, a.k.a. American Dingo. Very wild-looking. He’s big (like a German shepherd, which is what the people at the shelter TOLD my son he was) and he’s strong and he has big, sharp teeth — although he’s quite sweet and a glutton for affection. He loves kids, and thinks he is one of them — or thinks they are fellow puppies, which is more likely.

      My grandson, who is also normally as sweet as they come, can’t stop harassing the dog. Running cars down his back, sticking his hand into his mouth, pulling his tail — just to get a rise out of him. None of my granddaughters have behaved like this toward dogs. This is the kind of boyish behavior that, left unchecked, leads eventually to rioting over hockey teams. So we’re doing what we can to discourage it, before the dog does…

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        Carolina Dogs are smaller than German Shepherds, I believe. Maybe some mix?
        Please, please, please urge your family not to allow your grandson to harass the dog. Very good, well-trained dogs can snap when treated that way!

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          I agree completely. We are seriously worried about it. My wife shows him the dog’s teeth, and tries to explain that he could get bitten. She corrects him every time she catches him. But he continues to regard the dog as a toy, and we continue to worry…

          If I catch him at it, I’ll add my own admonitions. I’ve never seen the behavior, because I’m seldom around both him and the dog. And it’s hard to have discussions with a two-and-a-half year old about things that aren’t immediately at hand.

          And he may be a mix. He seems big for a Carolina Dog. But his features fit the breed, or non-breed, perfectly. He looks exactly like this.

  2. Lynn Teague

    Brings back fond memories of when the Univ. of Arizona won the national basketball championship. Some students (yes, mostly male) celebrated by drinking beer in the warm glow of a burning police vehicle that had been turned upside down on 4th Avenue.

  3. Kathryn Fenner

    I don’t think Bryan will mind if I excerpt his wonderful comments on a similar post I made on Facebook:
    Rioting isn’t limited to any particular race, and anyone who implies differently is a moron. Heck, I can at least understand rioting when people feel aggrieved by the government. In contrast, the rioting you are showing above (when sports teams win) makes no sense to me at all.How does a positive result for someone’s sports team result in them deciding to destroy someone else’s property?
    But I don’t think people are finger-wagging about the riots in a racial context. (At least, I haven’t seen that.) What I have seen is people who are condemning the riots because burning down your community is shortsighted at best, and nihilistic at worst. Most of those businesses will not return. Most of those businesses will not be compensated by their insurance. (Riots are a normal exclusion on almost all hazard insurance policies). The rioters are harming people in their community who have nothing to do with the grievance. For those innocent victims, I feel sympathy, just as I feel sympathy for the young man who was killed, and the officer who was put in a difficult position.

  4. Mike Cakora

    Hey, just Canuckistanis at play. Happens every time someone insults the Quebecois. A friend (born Canadian [Alberta], naturalized US citizen) told me that the only reason Quebec’s secessionist votes failed is that the rest of Canada was not allowed to vote…

    You think that pic is partying? This is partying!

  5. Barry

    Is someone on here implying that white folks don’t riot and cause mayhem too? I haven’t seen it . I sure hope not.

    1. Mike Cakora

      White folks do riot over wins or losses in sports.

      A subset of white folks, the anarchists, riot during meetings of multinational financial organizations. These white rioters generally just destroy stuff and don’t appear smart enough to target the stores featuring Rolex or other high-end adornments that the attendees of the convocations they are protesting tend to wear.

      Is it fair to say that white folks engage in mindless destruction while minority folks are simply value-shoppers?

      I’m not sure, I’ll let you decide.

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