Highlight from SNL special: Presidential impressions

I didn’t get to watch all of the whole 40th-Anniversary “Saturday Night Live” special last night… OK, tell the truth, I could have watched it, but gave up on it during an interminable edition of the tiresome “The Californians” sketch… but thought I’d at least share with you this clip of good bits, courtesy of The Washington Post:

2 thoughts on “Highlight from SNL special: Presidential impressions

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    That entire Reagan skit — in which the president was portrayed as a super-in-charge ramrod who was so brilliant on policy that his staff couldn’t keep up with him, and who HATED the ceremonial parts of the job such as posing with the Girl Scout who sold the most cookies — was one of the very funniest things in the show’s 40 years…


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