But it’s all about heritage, right?


This just in from The Hill:

The website for the alleged gunman in the Charleston, S.C., mass shooting was discovered Saturday, multiple reports say.
The Last Rhodesian” depicts photos of Dylann Storm Roof, 21, the man accused of attacking Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and murdering nine people.
The domain for the website was also registered last February to “Dylann Roof,” The New York Times reported Saturday.
The Daily Beast also reported that photos of Roof on the website were taken in spring, according to metadata.
The site features a document describing the evolution of its author’s racist worldview.
It is not clear who is responsible for either the photos or the article, titled “An Explanation.”
“I chose Charleston because it is [the] most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of blacks to Whites in the country,” the author says. It’s not made clear what would occur at the location chosen…

I was unable to call up the site. I don’t know whether it’s been taken down, or there’s just too much traffic going to it…

No, wait! I got it… and I’m sorry I did.


5 thoughts on “But it’s all about heritage, right?

  1. Bryan Caskey

    If the Confederate dead are honored Americans, and we’re just honoring the soldiers, why not fly the US flag over all the Confederate monuments?

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Amen to that. Or move the monument to Elmwood Cemetery — its original location — and the flag with it…

      But your idea is better.

  2. Karen Pearson

    It’s a heritage of hate. Let’s not change the golden rule into “Do unto others before they do it to you,” or even “Do unto others because they did it to you.” That leads to anarchy and chaos. This nation must cease thinking that the answer to all problems, and the response to all pain is violence. I hear many claiming that we are a Christian nation, but I see few signs of Christ-like behavior. I too, went to Roof’s site (thanks for the link, I think). One of the first things I noticed is that Roof says he got a lot of his ideas from websites. The website he mentioned is known to be a racist website. Maybe we ought to consider some of these sites, at least the most brazen ones, the same way we consider ISIL recruiting sites. The incitement to commit terrorist acts is similar. His remarks about the Jews being ok if we could just make them lose their identity as Jews reminds me of Antiochus Epiphanes. How sweet. Meanwhile both reason (it insults a large percentage of our population, it’s bad for business, it belongs in a museum) and honor (I don’t want to be associated with persons like Roof and his fellow travelers) demand that we remove that flag from our state house grounds. That’s the start of healing, not the end of it. We have a long, painful road to health ahead of us.

  3. Lynn Teague

    You’re so right, Karen — it is a start, not an ending. But it is an essential start.

  4. Kathryn Fenner

    The photo in the paper where he’s sitting amongst the potted flowers with his regalia–he looks like he’s squatting on a potty. In the top one here, one could call him a towelhead or raghead with accuracy.

    Good grief!

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