Glenn McConnell sends out College of Charleston resolution urging removal of the Confederate flag

Now there’s something I never thought I’d type. But then, I never expected anything like what I saw on Monday.

Here’s what McConnell sent out to alumni (and here’s a link):

Alumni:Today, the College of Charleston Board of Trustees approved two resolutions, one regarding the renaming of a Colonial Scholarship as the Cynthia Graham Hurd Memorial Scholarship and the other concerning the Confederate battle flag.
Please see the resolutions below.


Glenn McConnell ’69
College of Charleston
66 George Street Charleston, SC 29424

Resolution Concerning Renaming One of the Colonial Scholarships the Cynthia Graham Hurd Memorial Scholarship 
Whereas, Cynthia Graham Hurd was a member of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and was a victim in the tragic events of June 17, 2015;
Whereas, Cynthia Graham Hurd was the College’s longest-serving part-time librarian, having been at the College since the 1990s;
Whereas, Cynthia Graham Hurd worked full time for the Charleston County Library system as a librarian and branch manager for more than three decades;
Whereas, Cynthia Graham Hurd was known for her quick wit, sense of humor and optimism;
Whereas, Cynthia Graham Hurd, during her life and through her work, represented the very best of our College and our beloved Charleston community;
Be it resolved, the College of Charleston Board of Trustees now and forever designates one of its most prestigious academic scholarships for South Carolinians as the Cynthia Graham Hurd Memorial Scholarship.

Resolution Concerning the Confederate Battle Flag on State House Grounds 
Whereas, the tragic events of June 17, 2015, occurred in Charleston, our beloved home city, and near our campus footprint;
Whereas, the city of Charleston lost nine pillars of our community, including Cynthia Graham Hurd, a longtime librarian and exceptional educator at the College of Charleston;
Whereas, the College of Charleston has and continues to play an integral role in the healing process of our city, our region and our state;
Whereas, members of the General Assembly have passed a concurrent resolution “concerning the South Carolina Infantry Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America and surrounding arrangement located at the Confederate Soldier Monument on the grounds of the State Capitol Complex”;
Whereas, the Board of Trustees is the governing body of the College of Charleston and represents the institution;
Be it resolved, the College of Charleston Board of Trustees supports the efforts of the state’s many political, civic and business leaders in urging for the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina State House grounds.
Yes, that Glenn McConnell. While it was the board of trustees that acted, for him to be the messenger is extraordinary.

9 thoughts on “Glenn McConnell sends out College of Charleston resolution urging removal of the Confederate flag

  1. Karen Pearson

    I applaud his choice here. I understand that he is proud of his southern heritage. It must have taken thought and courage to make this decision.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Well, I wouldn’t applaud HIM until he says that’s what HE advocates. I just thought it noteworthy, and possibly encouraging, that he told us about this himself, rather than having a college flack do it…

  2. Mark Stewart

    Did I miss something? The President, who is not a member of the Board of Trustees, is conveying information to the College community about the Board’s actions. It doesn’t appear that he is either on board or opposed to the item.

    I would like to think that these have his tacit approval; in which case I believe he is due thanks from the citizens of this state. But maybe not quite yet.

  3. Marilyn Hemingway

    Doesn’t he work for the board? What was he supposed to do? Refuse to release the resolution? I don’t want to be cynical but because of his past leadership positions in the SC legislature, McConnell is in a unique position to influence the flag issue. By not speaking out now, speaks volumes. Sorry I don’t give him a pass on this because of so-called propriety as defined by the courtly McConnell. Many days “well-mannered” folks stood by while innocents were slaughtered. Sorry, McConnell’s stance doesn’t cut it anymore. The 2000 compromise was lack of moral courage and manipulative politics and in 2015, It’s lack of moral leadership. McConnell should not hide behind the boards actions. Every day of silence speaks to why he should have not been appointed President of CofC.

  4. Karen Pearson

    Ideally he could and should speak up. I hope he does join those who are calling for the flag to come down. But I would not have been surprised if had publicly lobbied for it to stay up. I’ll give him credit until he proves otherwise. And yes, the polite folk have stood by allowing that flag to fly over the statehouse grounds, just as it has flown at lynchings and racist rallies for so many years. Shame on all of us that it hasn’t come down long ago.

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