Happy Fourth! See you (I hope) at the flag rally

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Just a reminder that the Unity rally for taking down the flag — and for celebrating and supporting the fantastic consensus in the State House to do so — is at 4 p.m. today.

I hope to see you there.

And I hope it will be an event that looks and sounds like South Carolina, which is something I’m always jittery about. Just as I did two weeks ago, I’ve been communicating this week with the organizers, fretting about whether the speakers and the visuals will help cement this miraculous consensus and not weaken it. I won’t go into all that. I just hope this is at least as positive an event as the one two weeks ago turned out to be, only with even more people.

I’ll try to post something about the rally tonight. I say “try,” because I’ll be hanging out with two, and possibly four, grandchildren tonight, and playing with them comes first.

And just because I’m proud of it, I’ll post again the video my son did based on the last one. It tells you a little about the origins of that event, and therefore this one, since it has the same initial organizers:

14 thoughts on “Happy Fourth! See you (I hope) at the flag rally

  1. Juan Caruso

    I have never identified with people displaying the rebel flag in/at their homes, businesses or SC’s capital.
    You see, my impoverished ancestors arrived in the U.S. well after SC’s secession due to equally upset circumstances abroad.

    As a lifelong proponent of factual history, neither would I ever support expunging or revising history based upon mob popularity. Secession and its various artifacts are parts of our state’s historical record, as well as many monuments and palce names. Should we not forget slavery, too?

    Prosecutorial discretion and selective memory have at their root a preopensity for intellectual dishonesty justified by subjectivity in inconvenience and intolerance.

    I find a close historical parallel between the rebel flag issue and the cartoons of Muhammad issue. Those who wish to “cleanse” unacceptable rebel artifacts but avoid inciting hatred among Islamists have asome serious explaining to do, in my opinion.

  2. Juan Caruso

    On maintaining historical accuracy I am most glad to have agreement with a journalist, Brad. And, I am certainly not opposed to taking the rebel flag to a state-owned museum.

    Those maintaining that creating cartoons of Muhammad, a U.S. First Amendment liberty, are wrongly motivated because a minority of Islamic extremists threaten CRIMINAL violence, seem not to hold a minority of their fellow South Carolinians in the same reagrd as such Muslim extremists. We do not agree on that inconsistency. It is as unAmerican as was slavery.

    Perhaps yours is only a superficial inconsistency motivated by fear of criminal violence from a third minority (e.g. The New Black Panther Party)? Alas, consistency without disclosure — modern journalism!

    1. SBS

      I agree — we’re are already going overboard on the ‘that offends me’ boat. I’m almost ashamed at what I am seeing now. Thank God for those maintaining order. [the crooks may get more inventive, though. Like catapulting things from a safe distance.]

    2. Brad Warthen

      I’m afraid I’m not following you, Juan.

      Basically, you don’t go out of your way to trash Muhammad so as not to slap millions of innocent Muslims in the face. Similarly, you don’t slap your black citizens in the face by flying that flag.

      I’m just not seeing this inconsistency you refer to.

      1. Juan Caruso

        Re: “Basically, you don’t go out of your way to trash Muhammad so as not to slap millions of innocent Muslims in the face.” Brad W.

        I and no doubt many of your readers could understand your rationale better, Brad, if you would kindly link some published text(s) as effusive in respect of Christ’s image as you have been on this blog ii protest of defaming Muhammad’s:

        To help you with this assignment here are recent examples:

        August 11th, 2011 – http://goo.gl/Lh7yEY

        Fall, 2013 –
        (1) – http://goo.gl/VWrU1t
        (2) – http://goo.gl/I0Vqkq

  3. Scout

    So how was the rally? I was out of town and just got back into town this afternoon and so didn’t make it. I was hoping the rally was at 6 again like last time. Was there a decent turn out?

    1. Lynn Teague

      The turnout was estimated at 800-1000. It was a good crowd, enthusiastic, and we had a good time while making some joyful noise about bringing the flag down.

      1. Kathryn Fenner

        From what I read on Facebook, there was confusion about the time—some thought 4, some 5.

        1. Brad Warthen

          Well, I was confused — because the FB page said 4. So I was an hour early. About half the crowd waited to show up closer to 5, so they had info that I did not. Or else they were just late…

          1. Kathryn Fenner

            It said 5, first, and that was what was publicized heavily.
            Still, 800-1000 on the 4th, when it’s the middle of a long weekend, and the second rally called, is pretty darn good. Church was extremely sparse this morning.

  4. bud

    Here’s a simple yes/no question (only applicable to pro-Medicaid money folks): If someone offered a bill to keep the Confederate flag flying in exchange for accepting the Medicaid money would you support it?

    1. Kathryn Fenner

      Well, sure, in the extremely unlikely event such an option were presented to me, of course, I’d take the Medicaid money. Since such an option does not exist, I’ll put the flag away now, while we can.


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