Dick Riley endorses Hillary Clinton

This endorsement from such a respected quarter comes at a good time for the Clinton campaign (a time when some other South Carolinians, such as Dick Harpootlian, are hoping to see Joe Biden run). Of course, it’s no surprise: Gov. Riley, who served as Bill Clinton’s secretary of education, backed her in 2008 as well, unless my memory fails me:

Former Governor and Former Secretary of Education Dick Riley Endorses Clinton

Greenville, SC – Citing Hillary Clinton’s record as a tenacious fighter for hard-working Americans, former South Carolina Governor and former U.S. Secretary of Education Dick Riley announced his endorsement for Clinton for President.  Riley praised Clinton’s newly released higher education plan – the New College Compact – in a letter this morning.

“Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime getting results for women, children and families.  She will spend every day as President working to help hard-working South Carolinians get ahead and stay ahead.

“Hillary is smart, grounded and focused on the issues that matter most to South Carolinians.  Back in the 1970s, she came to South Carolina to help children.  As first lady of Arkansas, she and I worked together to reduce infant mortality rates in Southern states.  She wants to get things done and will fight for the underdogs – that’s the way she’s always been.”

Riley was Governor of South Carolina from 1979-1987 and U.S. Secretary of Education from 1993-2001.



7 thoughts on “Dick Riley endorses Hillary Clinton

  1. Juan Caruso

    “Jim Hodges told The Associated Press that he will formally endorse Clinton on Wednesday in Columbia, South Carolina. Hodges was national co-chairman for Obama’s 2008 campaign.”

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Well, now, Bryan, this is significant at this moment because for the past week or so, all the news has been about Hillary being in trouble, and Joe Biden maybe running — and South Carolina is a bit of a hotbed of Biden supporters.

        So this kind of pushes back on that. What’s not surprising is that Gov. Riley is supporting her. There are other Democrats who it WOULD be surprising to see back her…

        1. Bryan Caskey

          Okay, point taken. When/if Biden declares it’s a story. Until then, it’s hard to see the point, and maybe I was being a little bit of a wiseacre there. If someone endorses Sanders, now *that’s* a story.

          Right now, Hillary seems like the only game in town.

        2. Barry

          It’s not news. Dick Riley supporting Hillary is like Jack supporting Jill.

          He’s not interested in doing the wise thing and waiting to see if the person he is supporting broke the law. Doesn’t sound like he cares.


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