Mia McLeod trashes Identity Politics

Sometimes Rep. Mia McLeod loses me with her rhetoric. But hey, I — or some other grumpy heterosexual white guy — could have written this, from a missive she sent out Saturday:

A reporter asked me whether I chose race over gender when I supported Sen. Obama over Sen. Clinton in 2008. But he didn’t stop there. Next, he wanted to know whether I’m supporting Hillary now because she’s a woman.


His questions weren’t meant to be offensive. They just were.

I didn’t choose race then or gender now. I chose the person I believed to be the best candidate…the one whose vision and life experiences resonate most with me…the one whose passion and purpose move and inspire me.

So why are my choices presumably defined by or limited to race and gender?

If race trumps everything, shouldn’t I be down with Dr. Ben Carson, whose neurosurgical skills I’ve always admired and respected, but whose politics I can neither understand nor appreciate? Should I believe he’s the right “prescription for America,” simply because he’s the only black man who’s running?

And when it comes to gender, am I expected to support any woman who runs for office…just because she’s a woman?

If that’s the general sentiment, I can see how we got Nikki Haley….twice….

So how is Mia is trashing Identity Politics just as I would do? I guess because our “life experiences resonate.”

You see, we were both born in Bennettsville

3 thoughts on “Mia McLeod trashes Identity Politics

  1. Howard

    “Dr. Ben Carson, whose neurosurgical skills I’ve always admired and respected”

    So how long are we talking? Did you even know who he was before he ran for President? The guy has been a Democrat, an Independent and in 2014 became a Republican. Even he doesn’t know where he stands.

    1. Barry

      I think plenty of people knew about Dr. Carson- if you follow medicine at all.

      I was a big fan of Dr. Carson some 20 years ago because anyone reading the newspaper knew about him and the ground breaking surgery he was doing at Johns Hopkins.

      I even got his autograph back around 2000 when a friend at my church- a professor at USC- got his autograph for me at a medical conference she attended.

  2. Barry


    Mia apparently takes an aircraft carrier to hunt down butterflies.

    She sounds like she studied at the Trump school of diplomacy.


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