Did you read my comments in the NYT?

Over the weekend, the NYT finally ran that piece by Richard Fausset, in which he quoted me on the subject of the Confederate flag.

Some people are nationally recognized experts on quantum physics. Others are sought after for what they have to say about macroeconomics. Me, I’m seen as a boffin on South Carolina’s cheesy, nylon, fake Confederate flag.

Hey, it’s something. And if anybody’s got an idea on how to monetize this, my super-power, I’m listening.

Anyway, here’s my bit in the story:

The museum is also full of Confederate battle flags that were used by South Carolinians during the war — unlike the flag that was removed from the State House. That makes the whole issue of honoring the State House flag in the museum particularly absurd to critics like Brad Warthen, a former editorial page editor at The State in Columbia, who now blogs about South Carolina politics.

Mr. Warthen has noted that legislators, years ago, mandated that the flag be made of nylon, rather than cotton, to keep the colors from fading. He ridiculed this as ahistorical and “cheesy.” (One of his old columns began with altered lyrics to the song “Dixie”: “Oh, I wish I was in the land of nylon.”)

Like many here, Mr. Warthen believes that spending millions to display the flag makes little sense in a state that is struggling to find funds for road and infrastructure repairs (much needed after catastrophic flooding in October), educational initiatives and changes to a scandal-plagued Department of Social Services.

“Our state’s spending needs are legion,” he said. “It doesn’t really matter how you feel about the flag. It’s a ridiculous waste of resources.”…

I tweeted about this Sunday morning, and Phillip Bush responded:

Yeah, it’s pretty cool. This may be my first time in that august publication. I’ve been in the WSJ once or twice, but not, as I recall, in the Gray Lady. It’s nice to be quoted in a paper where they call you “mister.”

But think about it: Donald Trump is in there every day. So, you know…

9 thoughts on “Did you read my comments in the NYT?

  1. Lynn Teague

    This situation calls to mind that compelling instruction from Matthew 8: ‘let the dead bury the dead.”

  2. Bill

    This calls to mind,The Pretender’s lyrics: “I’m special so special,
    I gotta have some of your attention- give it to me”

  3. bud

    Brad, what would you have the general assembly do? Pass a new bill deleting the provisions of the legislation that specified a proper honoring of the flag? Do you really want to go down this path yet again?

    1. Bryan Caskey

      Oh, and to answer your question (which you didn’t ask me), I guess I would have the General Assembly appropriate about a hundred bucks or so, and they tell the relic room not to spend it all in one place.

  4. John B

    Brad, you are 100% correct about the confederate flag waste of money. I often wonder why I live in South Carolina. I get so discouraged .we still have a worsening Corridor of Shame and worse. Poverty abounds and the majority don’t care. The tea partiers are a total disgrace to our country.

  5. Steve Gordy

    Congratulations on making the pages of the Gray Lady. The closest I’ve ever come was being misquoted in the Chicago Tribune about 30 years ago.

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