The two Nikki Haleys: One makes us proud, the other makes us cringe

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This is one of the places where the old, less-admirable Nikki Haley is sometimes sighted.

It’s being reported that Time magazine has named Nikki Haley as one of the 100 most influential people — in the world, apparently.

And you know, if you think of the Nikki Haley who led us through taking down the flag last year, that’s not a shock. Good people such as Mari and Emile and Tom could have protested every day for a year, and if Nikki Haley had not decided to lead, that flag would likely still be there.

Ever since then, I have tended to focus on that Nikki, the one who has grown so fully into the job she’s held the last five years.

But this announcement comes at a weird moment, when we’re contemplating her snippiness toward Sheriff Leon Lott yesterday — which was petty and entirely unnecessary, and resurrects the image of the not-ready-for-statewide-office Haley I used to criticize. The one who makes what Speaker Jay Lucas has termed “middle-school comments” rather than finding ways to play well with others.

I prefer to see the Haley of last summer, and praise her for her leadership. Because that’s who I want to see. That’s the governor South Carolina needs to see. I just wish she’d stop seizing opportunities to remind us of the old, pre-growth Haley…

3 thoughts on “The two Nikki Haleys: One makes us proud, the other makes us cringe

  1. Ralph Hightower

    Haley is in the august leadership group that features:
    Kim Jung Un
    Vladimir Putin

    Yea, those are two world class leaders… Both lead through fear.

  2. Barry

    Nikki sounded silly attacking Leon Lott.

    The man is married with 4 daughters and if you’ve heard him talk about his daughters, you know what Nikki was saying was pure garbage and petty politics.

    You never sound smart trying to pretend that Leon Lott doesn’t care about law and order across the board.

    The worst thing about it is she did that with those other law enforcement officers standing behind her. She put them in a terrible position with the implication that they stood behind her comments. That was very low class. Lott is very respected in the law enforcement community across South Carolina.

    It’s too bad that some of those officers didn’t just walk off the podium when she started her dumb rant.

  3. Karen Pearson

    I appreciate Gov. Haley’s taking down the flag, and I think she did a good job after the flood, but I don’t see her as that great. I see her role in taking down the Confederate flag as the only politically viable thing she could do after the Mother Emmanuel shootings if she had national political ambitions (which she obviously does). Meanwhile we have her blocking of medicaid for our citizens, her snippy silliness with Sheriff Lott, and her ongoing insults to our legislators. When is she going to learn that name calling doesn’t look or sound presidential?

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