Open Thread for Thursday, September 8, 2016

This, Gary, is Aleppo. For starters...

This, Gary, is Aleppo. For starters…

Not a lot of news out there, but here are some topics:

  1. Trump and Putin, sittin’ in a tree — Everyone is expressing their shock and horror over the Republican nominee’s fondness for the Russian strongman. Here’s what his opponent had to say. POTUS weighed in as well. And our own Sen. Lindsey Graham says the bromance “unnerves me to my core.” Not that he’s ready to back the only available alternative, you understand…
  2. And what is Aleppo? — I include this in case you want to argue that there are alternatives other than Hillary Clinton. No, there aren’t. But as I said on Twitter this morning, don’t worry, Gary. You’re a Libertarian. If you knew, you still wouldn’t care…
  3. Colin Powell’s Ways Around Disclosure Detailed In New Email — Of course, he’s not running for president. Which is a shame, come to think of it.
  4. Boy stops for Pledge of Allegiance, creates buzz — I’m just including this to show you just how slow the news is today. Last week we were all worked up over a guy who did not stand for the National Anthem. Things are so desperate that now we’re “buzzing” about people who do. OK, the Pledge of Allegiance. Same thing…

If y’all have some better topics, I’d be obliged…

12 thoughts on “Open Thread for Thursday, September 8, 2016

    1. Claus

      Oh dear, that’ll throw a money wrench into the mix. When has a Green Party candidate affected the outcome of any election? The Communist party candidate probably gets more votes.

  1. Doug Ross

    Your level of disgust for Libertarians is what I feel every day for most politicians. Especially phonies like Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

    You see all Libertarians through the lens of your Mark Sanford obsession.. and once you get an idea in your head, there is no evidence to the contrary that will change it. Rand Paul can go do 1,000 free surgeries on blind people and you’ll still consider Libertarians greedy and selfish. Maybe Dr. Paul should perform surgery on your eyes so you can see reality.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Oh, I formed my opinion of libertarianism long before I’d ever heard of Mark Sanford.

      But yeah, when I realized that’s what he was — and not the “conservative” he had called himself — that’s when my disillusionment with him set in.

      Too bad we don’t have the moment on video. I was sitting chatting with him in the governor’s office early in his first term one day when it fully dawned on me, and I said, “Why, you’re not a conservative at all — you’re a libertarian!”

      And the universe said, “Duh.”

    2. Karen Pearson

      It’s not a mattter of how good or charitable one person is; it’s a matter of what the philosophy holds valuable, and what policies it brings to the table.

      1. Harry Harris

        Well said. Most libertarians I know would be more comfortable with feudalism than any strong central government. Let the mighty rule – or in the Ayn Randian sentiment take their marbles and go home.


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