Some of Pete Souza’s very best work


In an attempt to cheer me up a bit at the end of a rough week, Bryan Caskey sent me this link. As the page explains,

The White House’s Pete Souza Has Shot Nearly 2M Photos of Obama, Here are 55 of His Favorites

I’ve long appreciated Souza’s work. You see it here on the blog from time to time, often illustrating my Open Threads — even when it has nothing to do the topics in the thread — partly because I like them, and partly because they’re in the public domain and I can use them without being sued.

Anyway, here are a few that particularly appealed to me out of the 55.

Thanks, Bryan…

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5 thoughts on “Some of Pete Souza’s very best work

  1. Bill

    People who would’ve never imagined themselves saying it will soon be saying, “Man, I really miss having him as president.”

  2. Herb

    Superb photos, thanks for sharing these! One of my prized possessions is a letter from our current POTUS; I haven’t framed it, and won’t, but somehow he has been an inspiration in a lot of ways. (Yes, I realize it was a form letter, but then I wouldn’t expect a leader to write a few hundred thousand personal letters a day, would I?). Not that I agreed with him on everything he did or intended, but I always sensed we had a humble, down-to-earth couple in the White House. I’m not sure I’m going to find that true, come January 20th. I kept a copy of these photos in my own files just for memory’s sake.

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