Check out program about Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark! Now!


Dang! I had meant to tell y’all about this in advance:

But it’s on right now! It’s the first of three episodes.

I’ve told y’all about Joel and his amazing project before. He and I worked together at the Wichita paper back in the ’80s, and he’s been a photographer for National Geographic for the past 25 years.

For the last 11 of those years, he’s been working on his magnum opus, the Photo Ark: He has undertaken to photograph every endangered species on the planet. He figures it will take the rest of his life. May he live far more than long enough to accomplish it…

2 thoughts on “Check out program about Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark! Now!

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Check out some of the others from this project. Joel does great work, and it’s fun watching him do it — which is what the show is about.

      We were really lucky to have him on the photo staff in Wichita 30 years ago, he was doing tremendous work then. And he was a delight to work with. Back in those days, a lot of shooters had a stand-offish relationship with us word guys. They’d be inclined (in those pre-digital days) to come out to your desk, plop down a print and say, “That’s what I’ve got.”

      Joel would hand me the magnifying glass and have me look through his negatives on the light table to help him choose — although I was smart enough to defer to his superior eye. We all knew how good he was.

      Come to think of it, his boss — the late Steve Harper — was that way, too. There was a lot of negative politics in that newsroom. but largely because of Joel and Steve, I had a better relationship with the photo staff than at any other paper I can recall…

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