Trump backers fear he might talk like a grownup. They need not worry…


Get a load of this:

Some Supporters Fear Trump Will Lose Hard Edge in State of Union Speech

WASHINGTON — “American carnage” appears to be out. Bipartisanship is in. And not everyone is happy about it. When President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET, his most fervent supporters are anxious that he will squander the most high-profile moment of his presidency with a soft speech that bends more to the predilections of the political establishment in Washington and less to the populist army that sent him there to drain the swamp….

Stephen Miller, the president’s senior policy adviser, is in charge of writing this year’s address, which could foreshadow the inclusion of the kind of hard-edge, anti-immigrant language that was a hallmark of Mr. Miller’s speeches for Mr. Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

But even so, the hard-line nationalist wing of Mr. Trump’s coalition is worried that he is about to go soft again — to reach for bipartisanship instead of ideological purity and talk about cooperation with Democrats when he should be attacking the corruption of Washington, especially in the immigration battle brewing in Congress….

Imagine that. They’re afraid he’s going to speak like a rational, informed grownup.

Well, they shouldn’t worry. This is Donald Trump. He might stick to a script for about five minutes, but he’ll be back in babbling tantrum mode soon enough. Whatever he says tonight, tomorrow he’ll wake up as the same vulgar ignoramus they elected.

If my happiness depended on Trump continuing to rant and rave, I’d be the least worried person on the planet…

7 thoughts on “Trump backers fear he might talk like a grownup. They need not worry…

  1. Claus2

    It sounds like you’ve abandoned your source (The Washington Post) for USAToday.

    Hopefully he’ll spend a few minutes and read word-for-word the “secret memo” the Democrats are freaking out about being released. If he would, then it wouldn’t need to be released, it’d already be a permanent official document.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      I edited your comment to make it publishable, even though I’m no great fan of McPaper (USA Today).

      Anyway, no, that’s from The New York Times. That’s one of the seven sources I look at most often: The State, The Wall Street Journal, The NYT, NPR, the BBC, The Washington Post and The Guardian.

      The three I actually subscribe to at the moment are The State, the NYT and The Post. I did subscribe to the WSJ instead of the NYT, but it got too expensive…

      1. bud

        It’s important to see all sides. Hence my go to sources are: MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Fox News, Real Clear Politics, Politifact, The Free Times and You really have to see events to get the full picture, hence I rely heavily on TV news. Just viewing something in text gives a very incomplete picture. I watch Fox News to get a different perspective and their hard news segments are generally pretty good. Their opinion segments are, of course, trash. But still it’s important to see how Trump supporters form their opinions. Ever since the horrendous coverage of the restructuring debacle I just can’t trust The State. The WSJ opinion page is akin to The National Enquirer. The NYT has some good writers, Paul Krugman especially, but sadly they have too many right wing hacks like Douthat or false equivalency types like Thomas Freedman or David Brooks.

        1. Brad Warthen Post author

          Bud, don’t blame The State for what you call the “restructuring debacle.” Blame me — and blame lawmakers for failing to do more than a fraction of what I advocated. And, for the hundredth time, they did NOT do what we said they should do about your agency, which is what you seem to judge restructuring by. If you didn’t like the non-reform of DOT, don’t look at me or anyone at The State.

          Nobody currently at The State, aside from Cindi Scoppe, even knows what the Power Failure project was. Of course, after me, Cindi probably understands it better than anybody — maybe better than I do in some ways. She’s way better on the details and the nuts and bolts. I was the guy with the overall vision…

  2. Doug Ross

    Odds on a Joe Wilson style “You Lie!” moment tonight? 2:1?

    Waiting on the hypocrisy to kick in tonight. Now it’s the Democrats turn to act like children.

    1. bud

      It’s good to see we can count on some things to be reliably consistent: the sun always rises in the east, Gamecock football will always disappoint and Doug will provide the contrarian perspective.


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