‘X-ray specs,’ updated


Remember the above ad, which appeared so often in comic books back in the day?IMG_3239

Even when I was a little kid who would have thought it awesome to have even one of Superman’s powers, I wasn’t gullible enough to send off a buck for a pair of these specs. Every time I’d see the ad, I’d go, “Could it work?… nahhhh!”

But somebody probably bought them, else they wouldn’t have kept on advertising them. We were pretty dumb back in olden times, weren’t we?

Well apparently, someone is betting that guys (and who else would buy these?) are just as dumb today. This is a screen grab from a video ad that came up between games of Words With Friends. And somewhere out there there’s a guy who’s thinking, “Well, smartphone apps can do some pretty amazing things…”

And surely, they couldn’t have faked that, right?

Note that today as well as before, it’s assumed that there’s one thing that guys would want to use such technology for — the #metoo movement notwithstanding…

7 thoughts on “‘X-ray specs,’ updated

  1. Norm Ivey

    It’s probably some sort of augmented reality trick that maps the target’s shape and then creates an image of a person in lingerie.

  2. Karen Pearson

    If they’re x-ray, how come they can only go through one layer of clothing? And are men’s imaginations that shallow, also?

      1. Doug Ross

        My imagination is not shallow. Certainly not as thin as the yoga pants that appear to have supplanted Levi’s as the casual wear of choice.

        I am fascinated by how fashion trends move through the female world so quickly. Yoga pants, ripped jeans..


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