Oh, give it a rest, Elizabeth!

Warren ad

This is ridiculous. I was doing something that in NO way indicated I was interested in seeing a political ad. Specifically, I was looking up the word “Inca” to confirm that it could be used to refer to that people’s ruler as well as the people as a whole.

And then I turned away for a moment. Then I turned back, and saw the above pop-up ad.

I’d read this morning that she’s been scrambling to refocus her message now that she’s not the flavor of the week. Trouble is, I was never really susceptible to her message to begin with.

And of course, there’s one thing about her that bugs me more than anything else. But she doesn’t care. She’s going to keep throwing that word at me anyway. So much for ads being guided by artificial intelligence.

There are only seven words to the message on the screen. (I’m assuming this is the last frame of a video, which I missed, fortunately.) And she managed to make one of them “fight.” Of course.

Oh, give it a rest, Elizabeth…

2 thoughts on “Oh, give it a rest, Elizabeth!

  1. Doug T

    I can’t remember the exact numbers so I’ll make them up: Warren used the word “fight” 37 times in a five minute speech.

    Warren and Bernie would be 4 years of gridlock. McConnell wouldn’t give them the time of day.

    Pete would be Carter all over again ( although I admire Carter as a person).

    That leaves…..let’s see…..um…..wait a sec….


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