See, I TOLD you we were all getting stupider

Just moments ago, in my previous post, I wrote the following:

We know, thanks to the clever people who figured out stuff like quantum foam, that the universe tends toward entropy. Well, this one also tends toward stupidity…

Right after that, I proved my theory by taking the Slate News Quiz:


You see? Not only am I, apparently, now dumb as a rock (and more so than I was in the past, in keeping with my theory), but that person at Slate is even dumber.

Oh, you’re going to say that the fact that the average was higher proves that not the whole ‘verse is as dumb as Molly and me?

Well, that just makes me chuckle condescendingly and tell you that that is evidence of another universe — one where people are slightly smarter — interfering with this one. I’d quote from Timeline to ‘splain to you how that works, but since you live in this downward-spiraling universe, you wouldn’t understand it….

13 thoughts on “See, I TOLD you we were all getting stupider

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oh, and before one of y’all takes the test and gets a higher score and thinks that means only Molly and I are getting dumber, know that that will only prove you are actually in some other, smarter universe, and that you are (irresponsibly, I might add) interfering with THIS one…

  2. Brad Warthen Post author

    I was too slow in writing these two posts, wasn’t I?

    I noticed there was a small flurry of comments this morning, and told myself “See? Sometimes people DO read blogs on Fridays,” and made myself post a couple of things.

    But I don’t think I did it fast enough, because everybody’s gone now — off to their country estates, I expect. And did they ask me to come along, and ride to the hounds or otherwise share their country diversions? No, they did not…

  3. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oh, I like the random header image my blog just showed me. Here it is.

    You can’t see for the cropping, but Joe Biden’s in that picture, down below. But I like the part I’m in, because it’s the only picture ever taken in which Campaign Manager Scott Hogan and I (we’re in the middle) are both wearing coats and ties. We just did that for Joe. In fact, Scott had run out to buy that suit from a shop on King Street after arriving in Charleston for the event. I never saw him wear it again…

  4. Mark Stewart


    Just read the NYT editorial “the dishonorable Senate.” So might have been a little on edge at 5:30 am.

    Rding to hounds? Way better than today’s degenerate politics.

  5. Harry Harris

    Years ago I heard Yakov Smirnoff, the Russian comedian, say that he had wondered where the memory came from when people said they added memory to their computer. It occurred to him that it must come from human brains because the more we relied on ever-smarter computers, the dumber we became. And he was talking during the era of kilobytes (k’s) not megs and gigs.


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