Quickly, now: Thoughts on the debate?

I’d rather Joe be Peter than Michael Bolton, but whatever...

I’d rather Joe be Peter than Michael Bolton, but whatever…

I’m at the doctor’s office for my annual physical, so I don’t have time, but wanted to put up a place for y’all to comment if you’re inclined.

joe did fine, which is one of only two things I care about. But as a group, they set back the cause of defeating Trump, which of course is the other thing I care about.

Unpleasant to watch…

A friend of my daughter shared with her the image above…


22 thoughts on “Quickly, now: Thoughts on the debate?

  1. Bryan Caskey

    Bloomberg proved that having a bunch of money is no substitute for debate prep. You can’t buy debating skills.

    Looking more and more like it’s going to be Bernie and his socialist agenda as the Democratic party’s platform this fall.

    Good luck with all that, comrades. 🙂

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      That’s not going to happen.

      Yeah, I know we all said Trump wasn’t going to happen, but at some point, even party people have to start acting rationally….

      1. Brad Warthen Post author

        Of course, for that not to happen, the moderates have to all line up behind, and only vote for, one candidate.

        Which isn’t easy. I assure you I’m not abandoning Joe to back Amy or Pete. As long as Joe is putting himself out there, I’ve got his back.

        It’s those other people who need to line up behind Joe. As they all should have done a year ago.

        This is all just absurd…

        1. bud

          It’s those other people who need to line up behind Joe. As they all should have done a year ago.
          This is all just absurd…

          Wow! What an off-putting comment. Do you really think we should all just bow to your Ouija board wisdom? Given your atrocious track record I think not. I for one have a brain. Apparently so did 92% of NH voters. If we learned anything from last night’s debate it’s that the DEMS MUST get behind the eventual winner. Beating Trump subordinates EVERYTHING to that. The undeniable truth is that Joe Biden has many, many flaws. Many. He would set the country back 40 years. (Well maybe bringing back disco music wouldn’t be so bad). But that would not be likely since his candidacy would be a total disaster. Trump would have a field day with the Hunter Biden fiasco. Fair or not that would like be shooting fish in a barrel. Big fish. Maybe whales!

          But at the end of the day I will have a few drinks, hold my nose and pull the straight party Democratic ticket, even with that miserable excuse of a candidate Joe Biden heading it up. That’s the ONLY rational thing to do.

          1. Mr. Smith

            This blog’s resident Biden Bro doesn’t seem to appreciate how much he is the mirror image of the stereotypical Bernie Bro. Just two sides of the same coin.

            1. bud

              Yep. And neither is helpful in getting rid of Trump. Time is running out. We should be pointing out the strengths of those candidates we do NOT support. Trumps approval ratings are the highest they’ve ever been. All this bickering is probably why.

            2. Brad Warthen Post author

              Actually, no. Bernie Bros are hostile people. The other side of the Bernie Bro coin wears a MAGA hat.

              Biden is the antidote for both of those us-against-them, divisive ways of looking at the world. Joe wants to give everybody a hug…

              1. Mr. Smith

                More distortion.

                What characterizes the typical Bernie Bro isn’t hostility. It’s the willingness to engage in backflips and all sorts of gyrations and contortions to make their guy look great and everybody else look like the enemy of what they consider right and good.

                pot meet kettle.

                1. Brad Warthen Post author

                  You have obviously perceived that meme VERY differently from the way I, and I think most people, do. The whole “bro” thing means to suggest bad behavior, a manifestation of what many refer to as “toxic masculinity.”

                  Even Bernie has to try to disown them.

                  There are Bernie supporters — people who love his policy proposals — and Bernie Bros, and those are different things. And their bro-ism makes them more like those Trump supporters who live to “own the libs” — like the guy in the picture at the top of this column.

          2. Brad Warthen Post author

            “Do you really think we should all just bow to your Ouija board wisdom?”

            No. I expect you to show common sense, and vote for the person who has a chance of getting some people who DON’T automatically pull the lever for a Democrat to do so, and get rid of Trump.

            Of course, we’ve had this argument a million times. But we in the middle are the ones who decide elections. Trump has his base sewed up, and it’s almost enough to win. He just needs a few more. You’ve GOT to reach the persuadable people, and they are not going to go for Bernie…

            1. Bryan Caskey

              Who’s dropping out if the prospect of a brokered convention, where anyone can make a case why they should be the nominee, can win?

              The very notion of a potential brokered convention almost guarantees that enough candidates will stay in that will in turn guarantee a brokered convention.

  2. Bryan Caskey

    Biden attacking Bloomberg made no sense to me from a purely tactical point of view. Biden needs to come in first in SC. Bloomberg ain’t on the ballot here.

    Biden should have focused on Bernie.

    1. Bryan Caskey

      My law partner and I quote that movie *almost* daily. Another related quote is: “PC Load letter….what the !@#$ does that mean?”

      I don’t think millennials get that joke, not having seen that message on an old printer.

  3. Realist

    “– the truth being that the excessive increase in anything often causes a reaction in the opposite direction,” – Plato.

    This is a line cut from one of Plato’s commentaries about democracy but it applies to what is going on now with the 24/7/365 obsession of removing Trump from office either by impeachment or defeat at the polls by Democrats, Progressives, media, entertainment industry, #woke, #anyonebutTrump, #NeverTrumpers, and every other anti-Trump meme possible. From day one, i.e. the day after the 2016 November election of Trump, it was made very clear by his opposition they were going to do everything they could to remove him from office and make him irrelevant.

    The airwaves, print, entertainment industry, pundits, and social media has been filled to overflowing with anti-Trump vitriol, anger, and violent intent beginning the day after the election.

    But the opposite has happened and as Plato noted, he has gained popularity and his approval rating is the highest it has ever been. The physical assaults on individuals wearing MAGA hats is seldom reported in the MSM but gets a lot of coverage in the conservative community and spreads by word of mouth from there and the internet and social media. CNN in particular has perhaps been responsible for adding more new Trump voters than any other source. The impeachment proceedings were already a foregone conclusion but the “drama” dragged on and on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    Trump epitomizes what the “establishment” resents and holds in contempt but the “hoi poli of deplorables” in turn resents the implications of the definitions applied to them by the Clintons, etc. and will by natural tendencies, resist and come to the aid and comfort of the attacked, i.e., Donald Trump. What is not acknowledged is that Trump returned the politics of the day back to the wild West days of politics once practiced in this country when politicians openly attacked with impunity the opposition.

    I have watched many of the British debate forums over the years and the only difference between Democrats and Trump I observed is they disagreed just as vehemently and in mocking tone and comments with each other but most of the time with a proper English accent therefore giving the proceedings a more civil tone. Calling each other liars in loud voices is not unusual in their “civilized” political arena. Then many of the polite and respectful Japanese political meetings on many occasions have ended with a physical free for all confrontation with fists, chairs, and other objects thrown at each other.

    Almost to every person who posts to Brad’s blog represent the very faction that is turning the country more and more to Trump’s camp, not away from it. I have observed this myself when talking to people who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but have declared they will vote for him in November. Not because he has changed but because the very thing Plato warned us about is the very thing that has influenced them to support Trump.

    The debates, if you can actually call them debates, has only increased the divide and Trump’s supporters because of the extreme promises of the candidates that are so far to the left, moderate and conservative supporters of Trump are increasing exponentially after every debate. Plus, the extreme divide within the Democratic Party is growing with each debate and coming together as one at this point seems to be an improbable situation.

    Bill’s comment, “Anyone can beat Trump”, is wishful thinking and Mark’s reply is classic truth.

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