Open Thread for Monday, March 9, 2020

Von Sydow's knight place chess against Death in 'The Seventh Seal.'

Von Sydow’s knight plays chess against Death in ‘The Seventh Seal.’

We are living with a Chinese curse. And no, I don’t mean what some call the “Wuhan virus.” I mean the one about, “May you live in interesting times.” (Although it might be wrong to call that saying “Chinese,” too.) At least, it’s an interesting day, to those who follow Wall Street:

  1. U.S. markets crater, forcing temporary halt to trading — That’s the Washington Post headline. The Wall Street Journal chose more, well, conservative wording: Free Fall in Oil Sends Shudders Through Markets. Actually, I don’t guess “free fall” is all that conservative; it’s just not quite as bad as saying the whole market has cratered
  2. Here’s how you can prepare for the coronavirus — From the “news you can use” department. Step No. 1, of course, is to wash your hands. Lady Macbeth would have been totally prepared for that eventuality.
  3. 6 More States Vote Tuesday. Here’s Your Guide To Michigan And The Rest — Here’s hoping Joe can put it away tomorrow. Of course, Bernie won Michigan in 2016. Which is why it would be great for Joe to win it tomorrow.
  4. Question: Who got the most votes ON Super Tuesday? — As see, no link on this one. I’m sort of hoping y’all can find one for me. This is something I’m curious about, but I can’t seem to find what I keep Googling for. In particular, I want to know how Joe did in California if you don’t count early voting. Has anyone seen any figures along those lines? Or is it impossible? Do they not report voting results that way?
  5. Biden will pick a woman as his running mate. But who? — This is a Fred Hiatt column. Of course, y’all know what I think: Amy Klobuchar all the way. None of the others who ran would do. This column widens the field by citing some female governors and mayors. But I don’t know them. At least those who ran for president have had some vetting…
  6. Max von Sydow, Star of ‘Seventh Seal’ and ‘Exorcist,’ Dies at 90 — OK, which are your favorite von Sydow movies? I’ve got to say that while I’ve seen him in such highbrow stuff as “The Seventh Seal” and found them good, my favorite performance is as the freelance assassin in “Three Days of the Condor.” Best scene: When he and Redford are trapped on an elevator together. Redford knows he’s there to kill him, and von Sydow’s character knows he knows, but they’re both trying to act like everything is normal. The tension is made greater by some smart aleck kids who hit all the buttons before getting off. Von Sydow smiles wryly at Redford and just says, “Kids… probably the same everywhere…” Here’s where you can stream some of his best films.

13 thoughts on “Open Thread for Monday, March 9, 2020

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    Oh, and from our trivia department… I should note that 11 years ago today, I got laid off from the paper. It was also a Monday.

    All subsequent March 9ths have, in my experience, been more fun than that one…

  2. Bryan Caskey

    I think Biden will be pressured to name a woman “of color”. Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, etc. Would comment more, but I have to get over to federal district court.

    Adios, for now, commentariat.

    1. Mr. Smith

      Interesting wording: “will be pressured.”

      Is the implication that he should he resist this “pressure”?

      Could you potentially vote for a Biden/Harris or Biden/Abrams ticket?

  3. Karen Pearson

    Regarding the stock market: I think that a lot of people are going to have unhappy memories of this date if the stock market keeps falling. The only good thing I see is now gas should be a lot cheaper!
    Regarding Biden’s vp choice: You and I like Amy, but if Biden is smart, he’ll hire some experienced woman who is to his left, but not terribly far to his left. Maybe Kamala Harris?

    1. Mark Stewart

      Or Warren.

      Agree with Bryan, Abrams seems a likely. Amy brings nothing to this campaign.

  4. Karen Pearson

    Warren is way to far left of him to be an effective partner. She’s also close to his age. I think Harris is his best bet. Abrams doesn’t have the experience that Harris has. While Harris seem to be to the left of Biden, she doesn’t seem to be as far left as Bernie, Warren, or Abrams is. .

    1. Bill

      Agree.She’d be perfect,and just looks the part.They make a great couple.
      He has no spark w/Amy…

    2. Brad Warthen Post author

      I went into this with pretty good feelings about Kamala. The debates changed my mind. I found her pretty off-putting. She seemed like someone willing to do anything, whether it was right or fair or not, to score points and gain an advantage.

      Amy was cooler. Amy was like, I can do this job, and I’m willing to do it. So maybe you should hire me…

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