Happy April! Here’s an Open Thread for the weekend

… since it’s a bit late to call it a Friday thread. Sorry to be so chary with the posts. As I’ve explained, this crisis has me busier working at home than I was at the office. One thing after another, as clients try to communicate their way through it all.

As I’ve also said, I expect it to slow down at some point, and to start feeling the lack of economic activity out there. It just hasn’t happened yet. And I’m glad to have the work.

Here are some topics. Maybe you’ll have some better ones:

  1. SC coronavirus cases at 1,700; 147 new cases Friday, 3 more deaths — The grim math keeps churning.
  2. Henry takes another incremental step; still won’t do what’s needed — His approach seems… random. We’ve just got to stop interacting with each other in person. We’re one of only a dozen or fewer states now that haven’t just told people to stay home. Ask Mandy; she’ll tell ya.
  3. An outbreak of incompetence — Jennifer Rubin riffs on Jared Kushner’s stunningly ironic statement that “when you elect somebody” you should “think about who will be a competent manager during the time of crisis.” As she notes, down here on the state level (the level that Jared doesn’t want touching any of his federal stuff), we see the stark difference between competent governors, and those who take their cues from Jared’s father-in-law. Ahem. Hey, I did what I could to elect a good ‘un. And Mandy, too. Wasn’t enough, I guess.
  4. Did y’all see Karen Pearson’s obituary? — If not, I thought you might like to have the link. As y’all know, we lost a good blog friend last week.
  5. Explore your family history for free on Ancestry while cooped up at home — I’m jealous. I’m cooped up at home but am too busy to spend the time on my own tree. But yeah, if you’re idle, or relatively so, this is a great time to form a new obsession. My own tree now has 8,120 people on it. Yeah, I know. Maybe it’s time I rested on my oars and let someone else have a chance…
  6. Want something to make you smile? Check out the bears — I figure I’m at least a Yogi, striving to be a Berenstain. That’s all. Nothing else to say…


10 thoughts on “Happy April! Here’s an Open Thread for the weekend

  1. Bill

    April is the cruellest month, breeding
    Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
    Memory and desire, stirring
    Dull roots with spring rain.

    Ron(at home)

  2. bud

    Lost Bill Withers today. Lean on me should me made the new national anthem. Maybe Bill can find a good video of that magnificent song.

  3. Realist



    Two links are provided above for anyone who wants to read. Each one can read and judge for yourself, I have my own thoughts below.

    For all of the GWB critics, this article is something you might want to read and understand the man a little better. An idiot who refuses to acknowledge science and warnings like the one in the White House did for too long, Bush understood the dangers of a pandemic and his foresight should have been heeded to the max. If it had been, maybe, just maybe we would be in much better shape than we are now and the USA would be the leader and not subject to the whims and geopolitics associated with the Wuhan Virus.

    And if you want to criticize me and label me a racist for using Wuhan Virus instead of COVID-19, just remember one small factoid about flu outbreaks in this century and where 3 of them originated and were associated with bats, go for it. They are SARS, MERS, and now COVID-19 to use the scientific names. China, not the USA, not Europe, not South America, not Russia but China is the source of the current virus. To make matters worse, the Chinese Communist government covered it up and obfuscated when questioned.

    Then in mid-January the WHO repeated the claim from China that the virus could not spread from one human to another. The world in general bought the lie, hook, line and sinker with the exception of scientists, medical experts in virus contagion, and others who displayed common sense. To make matters worse, the Chinese Communist government wouldn’t allow sharing information or sending samples of the infection to the USA so we could start working on a solution for the virus. Then to complicate things even further, too many of Trump’s advisors were not convinced of the impending dangers of the virus and made idiotic suggestions Trump apparently followed. Our own Mick Mulvaney was one of the jerks not on board with the scientists and medical experts either. Of course Trump is a genius, knows everything and is never wrong about anything and is not hesitant to tell everyone.

    When originally confronted with the information about the virus, the CDC refused to allow outside sources to seek a test and vaccine for the virus. It was not until the virus had started to avalanche on their heads and pushing from responsible people did Trump and the CDC allow the private sector to do their work on developing a test and a vaccine. In the interim, Trump, the so-called business man POTUS, Tweeted, insulted, and obfuscated about using presidential powers and enact the program that allowed him to force companies and corporations into compliance and start work on solutions.

    The “war time” POTUS is anything but. He has been in office during unprecedented economic growth and unemployment is or was at historic highs. Like it or not, the credit ultimately will go to Trump for the growth but the other side of the coin is that he will be credited for one of the most dismal failures as a leader during a crisis that has affected and infected the entire world.

    The chaos that has ensued is like nothing I have witnessed in my life on this earth of 76 years. After being around during the Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and a few other skirmish wars, there was some actual leadership but now, I cannot see anything other than personal politics at all levels across this nation, especially at the top levels of leadership where one expects political differences be cast aside and unity become the operative word.

    Recovery will be a long and rough road ahead and the landscape of this country and the world will be much different once a vaccine is developed for everyone and this virus is contained. Until then, like South Korea, a flattening of the curve will turn into another spike without a cure/vaccine. It will be active and very contagious for months, maybe years before it is brought under control.

    Another article about the reasons for wearing a face mask. Worth the read if you have doubts about wearing a face mask. It is up to each of us to decide.


    Apparently the droplets can travel much further than the 6 feet social distancing. They can go up to 16 – 25 feet depending on how they are expelled from the individual. They can form a cloud or invisible mist one can walk thru and become infected. They can get into ventilation systems and spread through ductwork into the atmosphere inside an enclosed space.

    I know this is not the upbeat tone Brad asked for.

    1. Brad Warthen Post author

      Realist, if you’re wondering why your comment was held for moderation, it was the multiple links. WordPress tends to be wary of links. A lot of spam is full of links, so I guess that’s why.

      I am NOT saying you shouldn’t include links. In fact, I encourage them! I just wanted you to know that’s why your comment didn’t appear until now.

      Sometimes WP lets links go by; sometimes it doesn’t. It has moods, it seems…

      1. Mark Stewart

        The UW analysis also assumes stay at home for all through May.

        From what I saw Saturday too many South Carolinians are confusing this with last April. So I am most concerned with whether people can actually stay home long enough to reach this “lucky” outcome.


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