There’s no being cute in baseball!

I’m kind of down at the moment because I’m not out trick-or-treating with my grandchildren. I’ve got some bug that’s been going through the family, and I’m not up to all the walking.

Even though I look forward to it each year.

Anyway, my wife is dealing with the mobs of goblins passing through our neighborhood, and I’m going to go down and help her — probably with a mask on — in a minute. First, I thought I’d share something Bryan Caskey shared a couple of days ago. These are, collectively, the best costumes I’ve seen this year…

There’s no being that cute in baseball!

Of course, my grandchildren are cuter, but now that they’re getting older, I’ll spare them the embarrassment of proving it.

You have to click on the picture in the tweet to get the full Jimmy Dugan effect. Oh, never mind! Here it is again…

3 thoughts on “There’s no being cute in baseball!

  1. Brad Warthen Post author

    I just spotted a flaw in the costumes. I didn’t mean to. This just happens when you look at things too closely.

    I was wondering what kind of beer “Jimmy” was drinking. I couldn’t tell, but I realized whatever it is, he wouldn’t be drinking it out of a container like THAT.

    I specifically remember when those super-light aluminum cans came on the market. It was about 1969. I remember sitting in a car examining such a can — I think it had Sprite in it — while listening to Santana on the radio, when their first album was new.

    Jimmy Dugan would never have seen one. In fact, did they even sell beer in cans, then? I’m not sure. When I read about the war years, it seems like they’re usually talking about bottles…


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