So let it be with all teams that wear orange

I meant to post this over the weekend. Got distracted. Anyway…

I think I’m seeing my way to a new career, and it could be lucrative. I’ll explain…

Consider: Now I’ve watched two Gamecock football games in a row — the first I’ve seen in quite a few years. I explained the circumstances of watching the first one. I watched the second because the first had gotten me interested — and also because, to my great surprise, it was actually showing on a channel I can get on the HD antenna in my window.

The first one resulted in a miracle — a sustained miracle, lasting through the whole game.

The second featured, if not a miracle, a surprising result. And very pleasing, in the sense that the previous game had been a rout, and this one was all about an exciting finish. And while the Cocks only won by a point, no doubt some of their fans sensed what a pleasure it was to “crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”

What was different about these games that distinguished them from previous contests? Well, the fact that I was watching, of course.

Keeping me watching ought to be worth something to the fans, right? ‘Nuff said…

For me, the only motive to watch would be if the next team wears orange uniforms. I’m still experiencing some post-traumatic stress from watching the Astros — with their grotesque unis and fans who wave stupid orange rags — beat the Phillies.

It wasn’t quite the same — it wasn’t even baseball — but it gave me some satisfaction to see orange teams lose at some sort of game the last couple of weeks. As I said at the end of the second game.

Will I watch the next game? I dunno. What color will the opponents’ uniforms be?…

5 thoughts on “So let it be with all teams that wear orange

  1. Ralph Hightower

    I had tickets to the NCAA 2013 Men’s Baseball World Series Regional series in Columbia. I didn’t want to photograph Clemson in color, so I shot B&W film for the teams that were orange.


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