Now HERE’S a proper quiz — NYT’s Flashback!

And really, I’m only partly saying that because I got a perfect score — whereas I usually bomb out on the NYT’s weekly news quiz. And I mean “bomb” as in “Oppenheimer.”

That’s because this quiz plays to my own particular sort of intelligence — to the extent that I possess any, and we can argue about that later. It’s about the Big Picture. It’s not absurdly specific esoterica like, “Which left-handed chess player with a limp won a big competition last week while whistling a show tune from the 1930s?” It’s not designed to trip you up if you were paying attention to more important events. It’s about whether you grok the overall flow and thrust of history. The forest rather than the trees.

So I like it. I only hesitated on two of them, but I was pretty sure, and I got it right. So, yay for my team.

I hope you can play it. Let me know. I don’t know what people who don’t subscribe can and can’t do…

3 thoughts on “Now HERE’S a proper quiz — NYT’s Flashback!

  1. Scout

    It worked for me. I got 26. Only missed one. I tend to not remember specific trees for the forest. I also am a sucker for a quiz.

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