Hey, I aced the Slate News Quiz! For once…

Tweet In keeping with my policy of posting the results on the rare occasions when I do well on the Slate News Quiz, and ignoring the whole business when I don’t, I share with you today’s result. Of course, a lot was at stake today. They had taunted me with the challenge, “Think You’re Smarter […]

Yes! In your FACE, Slate News Quiz!

Tweet OK, so this was a pretty modest achievement. I got two questions wrong, which means that if this were a test in school I would have gotten an 83, which even by South Carolina’s currently overly generous grading system would be a low B. But here’s the thing… Y’all know that I’ve always taken […]

I am not a total loser on the Slate news quiz!

Tweet Yes! In your face, Sharan Shetty! For once, I didn’t totally embarrass myself on the Slate News Quiz, beating both this week’s designated Slate staffer (the aforementioned Sharan Shetty, who had a really good score, but is a total loser compared to me) and the reader average. I got 11 out of 12, and […]

Yes! For once, I didn’t stink at Slate news quiz

Tweet As I’ve boasted in the past, I tend to test well, but that does not apply to the Slate news quiz — something about the quirkiness of the topics, or the fact that it’s timed (which tends to rattle me), or something. Anyway, I’ve developed kind of a complex about it. But this morning, […]

Ha! I didn’t stink on the Slate news quiz this week!

Tweet Y’all know how I like to brag about my great scores on various quizzes (usually civics quizzes, but sometimes about fundamental understanding of issues in the news). But I’ve mentioned that I tend to do HORRIBLY on the weekly Slate news quiz — which I chalk up to two factors: The fact that you’re scored […]

I’m dumber than ever, but still a winner, folks!

Tweet Things are increasingly weird over at the Slate News Quiz. For the third week in a row, I have been declared a “winner” for having scored higher than the designated staff ringer. Each time, I have done this in spite of having scored below the reader average. And this week, I outdid myself. I’m […]

… but again, I’m dumber than average. Dang!

Tweet The Slate news quiz is fixed! You may not have noticed this because it’s fixed in a reverse of the usual pattern. Instead of being rigged in favor of an insider, it’s somehow manipulated to make the general public win! Which is just perverse and counterintuitive. That’s why it took me a while to […]

Yeah, I ‘won,’ but I’m still below average

Tweet Unable to resist the impulse to constantly humiliate myself, I take the Slate News Quiz most Fridays. Since it’s timed, which I hate, it only takes a moment. And sometimes, when I do slightly better than usual, I share the result with y’all. Today is one of those days. As you see, I defeated […]

I was smart today. But so were other people

Tweet Just thought I’d brag a bit. I got every answer right on Slate’s weekly news quiz! Which I haven’t done in awhile, or maybe ever. I didn’t rush myself, which helped — but cost me points. Still, I scored higher than the average, and higher than the Slate staffer who was the designated guy […]

See, I TOLD you we were all getting stupider

TweetJust moments ago, in my previous post, I wrote the following: We know, thanks to the clever people who figured out stuff like quantum foam, that the universe tends toward entropy. Well, this one also tends toward stupidity… Right after that, I proved my theory by taking the Slate News Quiz: You see? Not only am […]