Hey, I aced the Slate News Quiz! For once…

Tweet In keeping with my policy of posting the results on the rare occasions when I do well on the Slate News Quiz, and ignoring the whole business when I don’t, I share with you today’s result. Of course, a lot was at stake today. They had taunted me with the challenge, “Think You’re Smarter […]

Yes! In your FACE, Slate News Quiz!

Tweet OK, so this was a pretty modest achievement. I got two questions wrong, which means that if this were a test in school I would have gotten an 83, which even by South Carolina’s currently overly generous grading system would be a low B. But here’s the thing… Y’all know that I’ve always taken […]

Yes! I totally KILLED on the Slate News Quiz this week!

Tweet Normally, this quiz totally humiliates me, partly because of its¬†tendency to ask really trivial questions, and partly because I get rattled because your score depends on speed, and I like to think about my answers. So being on a timer rattles me. But this week, I CRUSHED both the average and the pathetic loser […]

I am not a total loser on the Slate news quiz!

Tweet Yes! In your face, Sharan Shetty! For once, I didn’t totally embarrass myself on the Slate News Quiz, beating both this week’s designated Slate staffer (the aforementioned Sharan Shetty, who had a really good score, but is a total loser compared to me) and the reader average. I got 11 out of 12, and […]

Yes! For once, I didn’t stink at Slate news quiz

Tweet As I’ve boasted in the past, I tend to test well, but that does not apply to the Slate news quiz — something about the quirkiness of the topics, or the fact that it’s timed (which tends to rattle me), or something. Anyway, I’ve developed kind of a complex about it. But this morning, […]

Ha! I didn’t stink on the Slate news quiz this week!

Tweet Y’all know how I like to brag about my great scores on various quizzes (usually civics quizzes, but sometimes about fundamental¬†understanding of issues in the news). But I’ve mentioned that I tend to do HORRIBLY on the weekly Slate news quiz — which I chalk up to two factors: The fact that you’re scored […]

Forgot to brag yesterday

Tweet Yesterday, I actually managed not to embarrass myself completely on the Slate news quiz — and then got all busy and forgot to brag about it. Not that 373 is normally anything to strut about (I’d rather it be something like this), but I did beat the average and the staff ringer, and that’s […]

I’m dumber than ever, but still a winner, folks!

Tweet Things are increasingly weird over at the Slate News Quiz. For the third week in a row, I have been declared a “winner” for having scored higher than the designated staff ringer. Each time, I have done this in spite of having scored below the reader average. And this week, I outdid myself. I’m […]