Doug gets a perfect score on the quiz!

Doug 550

I should have posted this on Friday, when Doug sent it to me. Perhaps I held back out of envy.

As he reported:

Got a 100% for the first time on a Slate News Quiz…  so I got that going for me, which is nice. (Caddyshack reference)

For my part, I missed one, and only got a 468… probably from being slow. But if I’d gone faster, I’d have missed more. That’s the way I am. I need that extra second or two that keeps me from the high scores.

You can still take the quiz, if you wanna…


8 thoughts on “Doug gets a perfect score on the quiz!

    1. Doug Ross

      So basically he wants a repeat of the 2020 Democratic primary? Because no matter who he picks for VP, there will be plenty of people who think they have a chance… especially if Biden spends the next four years avoiding all the progressive policy wishes of the left.

      1. Barry

        If we can have Newt Gingrich winning South Carolina and thinking he had a chance, I’m sure anyone with a spouse not on their deathbed thinks they have a shot.

  1. Doug T

    The only test more difficult than Slate’s is Brads “I’m not a robot”

    Sheeez, I can’t see those damn crosswalks.

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