Tough job of the day

Tweet I still get those emails advertising various interesting jobs in government and politics — I’ve written about them before. But I hadn’t actually looked at one for awhile until today. This one was on top. Yikes. Yep, we definitely need somebody to do this — somebody really good. I’m just not in a good […]

ANOTHER timely job opportunity

TweetAs you know, I’ve been really enjoying the timely — ripped from today’s headlines! — job opportunities I keep reading about in the emails I get from Check out today’s: Wow, they got that notice out fast. After the recent appeals for people to work for AOC, Bernie and JUUL and now this, I […]

THAT job better pay well…

Tweet I previously mentioned the job postings I’ve been getting from this new source, called “Daybook.” I’ve been enjoying getting them, because for once, I’m being sent jobs that would actually interest me if I were in the market. For some reason, the fact that I was a journalist who oversaw the coverage of politics and public […]