Vincent Sheheen’s plan to revamp state gummint

Tweet   State Sen. Vincent Sheheen came by to explain his government restructuring plan, which he wrote about recently in this op-ed piece. The significance of Vincent’s initiative (and I call him “Vincent” on account of knowing his daddy and his uncle before I knew him) is that it constitutes a credible, worthwhile government restructuring […]

Video: Sheheen explaining his restructuring bill in 2008

Tweet I was looking for a picture of Vincent Sheheen to go with the last post, and ran across this video clip that I had forgotten. It’s from the meeting on January 29, 2008, when he unveiled his restructuring plan to Cindi Scoppe and me, in the editorial board room at The State. It’s short […]

Election shocker: The vote is actually tomorrow!

Tweet… if you live in Anton Gunn’s district, where Democrats are picking a nominee to go up against Sheri Few in light of Anton’s sudden decision to take a job with the federal gummint. I got this today from Boyd Summers and the Richland County Democrats: Let’s get ready!!! A major decision will be made […]

What do Folks and Marchant do after Nikki wins?

TweetHere’s an interesting (if unsavory) thing to contemplate… First, it’s pretty much a given that Nikki Haley will win the GOP nomination — maybe even without a runoff. So what happens after that? Well, one’s first instinct as a longtime observer of politics is to think, The allegations against her character aren’t going away. And […]

Hospitals chief speaking to Rotary on health care

TweetGiven the Hospital Association PAC’s decision to donate to Vincent Sheheen, and the fact that our state’s lawyer is threatening to sue the federal gummint over health care reform, and seeing as how I just quoted SC Hospital Association President and CEO Thornton Kirby about the Sheheen thing, it occurred to me that y’all might […]