Nothing to say, but it’s OK

Hey, I would have posted something today — preferably a change of subject — but I used up all my blogging time (and then some) reading all the comments on my last two postings. And wow, I didn’t even get to this one today.

I DID leave a couple of comments of my own in a vain attempt to keep up with all that back-and-forth, if you feel like going and looking for them. But even if you don’t get as far as my own poor contributions, you’re likely to find assertions by my correspondents that are more interesting than what I had to say anyway.

One thought on “Nothing to say, but it’s OK

  1. David

    In the virtual world of blogging, someone can probably argue with you about nothing. Wasn’t Seinfeld a show about nothings? What was that song, Something From Nothing Means Nothing? or whatever. Is nothing a construct of “not a thing”? Oh well, nothing happening on this thread.

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